Photos: Mumbai monsoon recaptured in Bollywood rain songs

The rains are here and what better way to celebrate the monsoon than to hum these Bollywood songs that have romance written all over them! Nothing spells Mumbai rains like these songs...


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    Looks like the much-awaited rains are here and it’s time to rub your hands together and sip on cutting chai and eat pakodas. But while you do that, it can be argued that perhaps nothing can complete the Mumbai monsoons the way a Bollywood song does. Over the years, the Hindi film industry has come up with several gems that make the city’s rains even more special. Romance is perhaps best captured in the rains — after all, who is not familiar with the whole hero-meets-heroine-and-the-couple-get-drenched-in-the-rain sequence? So even as couples continue to flock Marine Drive in the rains, we bring you some chartbusters that enhance the Mumbai monsoon experience and take it to another level altogether...

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