Soles, rectums, toilets: Smugglers are hiding gold everywhere

Soles, rectums, toilets: Smugglers are hiding gold everywhere

Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) booked a Sri Lankan man for trying to smuggle gold worth Rs 14.90 lakh into India by concealing it in his rectum. While he handed over six gold bars to the officials at the Mumbai airport, the remaining 12 could be recovered only after admitting him to a hospital. On April 15, 2017, two other Sri Lankans were intercepted at the Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport as they were trying to smuggle gold bars worth nearly Rs 1 crore. They had concealed the bars in their rectum. In the first incident, Jameer Abdul Wahid (42) arrived from Dubai in Emirates flight number EK508 and was intercepted by the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) officials at the arrival hall. A personal search resulted in the recovery of 13 gold bars weighing 1,516 gm and valued at Rs 45,48,000. In the second incident, a passenger named Althaf Sahul Hameed (48) arrived from Dubai by Emirates flight number EK 508. After the AIU officials checked him, they recovered 12 gold bars weighing 1,399 grams. The worth of the gold, which was concealed in his rectum, has been estimated to be Rs 41,97,000.

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It was recently reported that a Sri Lankan was held for smuggling gold bars in his rectum. This is not an isolated case though. Here are 'innovative' ways people are trying to get lucky with gold

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