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  • Movie review: 'Raja Natwarlal'

    Movie review: 'Raja Natwarlal'

    While Kunal Deshmukh's effort had huge potential, one sadly walks out of the theatre unimpressed by Raja Natwarlal’s antics and this film

  • Movie review: 'Identity Card'

    Movie review: 'Identity Card'

    'Identity Card' is a film that attempts to look beyond; it aims at highlighting the inhumane side in a grim tale. But the movie is burdened by expectations and sadly, it doesn’t deliver

  • Movie review: 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

    Movie review: 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

    It's the era of reboots, remakes and rehashes, and Michael Bay has been doing it for a decade now he's got the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' property in his pockets, and I'll now tell you ten reasons why the film is avoidable

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Malavika’s Mumbai

  • Turning Back Crime

    Turning Back Crime

    His matching leather-jacket sneakered dash to the airport with his son ought to have alerted us to the fact that something important was up and when we chanced upon pictures of SRK in London with the newly rehabilitated and jubilant Lalit Modi, we ought to have guessed what was going to come; after all it was only a few weeks ago that we had written of Modi’s blandishment of Interpol’s trendy ‘Turn Back Crime’ wristband

  • Gabbana to Shabana

  • An evening of mega glamour

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Dear Diana

'My wife cheated on me...'

'My wife cheated on me...'

My wife tells me our eldest daughter, now 17, is from another guy who she had an affair with. I am devastated by this revelation

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Today is a favourable day to propose to your sweetheart, which you postponed due to lack of confidence. The week ahead: You will try to expand the horizons of your knowledge this week, especially through consultations with experts.Read More



You will be not be clear about things today, yet manage to wriggle out of troublesome situations. The week ahead: You shall make rapid progress in your career if you are flexible. You may remain disturbed, but rest assured it will pass. Read More



Dedicate the day to your loved ones. It would be good to take them out for a small picnic. The week ahead: Routine work will bore you this week, and thus you may be on the lookout to do something unconventional. It will help you to refresh your mind.Read More



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You need to look after your finances carefully, because the temptation to blow up your savings shall be too strong. The week ahead: You shall be preoccupied with monetary matters, and will feel that it is high time you controlled your expenses which are spiralling out of control.Read More



You will feel glad and cheerful today and might invite your relatives and close friends for a meal. The week ahead: You will wish to do something outstanding and innovative this week to gain appreciation and make rapid advancement professionally.Read More



You may attract quite a few members of the opposite sex, owing to your magnetic persona. The week ahead: Things this week will start picking up pace, which will make life simpler, not complicated. Be careful with the way you handle your money. Read More



A nagging sense of discontentment shall pervade your thoughts today. You may be craving for long-term financial security. The week ahead: This is going to be an auspicious week for businessmen. You will grow in stature both in your personal and work spheres. You will get enough support from all.Read More



You will be in a completely relaxed mood today playing and enjoying with your kids. The week ahead: You will be in a very generous mood this week, not just with your money, but you will even go out of your way to help people in your circle to accomplish their tasks.Read More



You shall shower all your love and affection today on your near and dear ones. The week ahead: This week, your focus will shift to your work and if you happen to be in a senior position, you will also expect others to measure up to your standards.Read More



You may be faced with many difficult situations today. Be brave and tackle them without fear. The week ahead: The time is now right for you to analyse your recent activities to figure out exactly what went wrong where, so that you can improve yourself in the future.Read More



Today is a day to socialise, pay courtesy calls to your neighbours and relatives. Later in the evening a party is on the cards. The week ahead: If you are on the lookout for a new and higher-paying job, this is an auspicious week for it, so start shooting your applications.Read More