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  • 'Mr. X' - Movie review

    'Mr. X' - Movie review

    In his endeavour to create an invisible man, Vikram Bhatt appears to have overlooked the storyline. Wish he had paid attention to other details as well

  • 'The Water Diviner' - Movie review

    'The Water Diviner' - Movie review

    With 'The Water Diviner', Russell Crowe takes on directorial duties, and the results are hit and miss. Crowe's first attempt at direction mostly generates fake mawkishness rather than genuine emotion

  • 'Margarita With A Straw' - Movie Review

    'Margarita With A Straw' - Movie Review

    With one of the finest performances in recent years, Kalki Koechlin lives and breathes Laila with such amazing ease and conviction that she stays in your head for a long time after you have left the theatre

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Dear Diana

'My guy has fallen for another girl...'

'My guy has fallen for another girl...'

I have been seeing this guy from Jabalpur for over a year now. Everything was going fine and I thought our relationship was for keeps. Last week, he gave me the biggest shock of my life...

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Today you are likely to be very possessive about your things, or the people you love. Although your relationships are smooth now, this tendency can pose problems later.Read More



You are likely to become very image-conscious today. However, you need to remember that beauty is only skin-deep, so try to develop your personality and work on your inner-self.Read More



Today you are likely to feel in a bit of a foul temper. This can lead you on into futile arguments. Others may find your attitude provocative, so do your best to avoid it.Read More



People around you are likely to be miffed at your temperamental behaviour today. They may also resent your fault-finding ways, so try to be less fussy and more flexible.Read More



A hard taskmaster is what you shall be today, and anyone under you trying to evade their responsibilities shall do so at their own peril. You shall stick to your decisions firmly.Read More



Your business acumen is likely to come under the scanner today. This is the time to not let your self-confidence flag. Take up the challenges bravely, and you shall succeed.Read More



Your creativity will come to the fore today, and your aesthetic sense will be appreciated by everyone in your surroundings.Read More



An excellent day is on the cards for those involved in business. Due to your excellent negotiation skills and persuasion powers, you shall land many lucrative deals for your business.Read More



Even as you do your best to keep your loved ones happy, you shall realise the futility of trying to please everyone all the time. Accept this, and carry on with the good work.Read More



You are bound to profit from your investments today, although they may not be as much as you may have expected them to be. Don't leave any loose ends in your projects.Read More



Though you may have too much work yourself, you will still be ready to help others with their workload. However, you need to give priority to your own work first.Read More



You have good communication skills and you tend to experience things more intensely than others, which shall come in handy while interacting with your spouse today.Read More