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  • 'Gabbar Is Back' - Movie Review

    'Gabbar Is Back' - Movie Review

    In this remake of masala south film, 'Ramanna', directed by Krish, the only saving grace is Akshay Kumar, who not only looks dishy with a beard, but does try giving a convincing performance in this not at all convincing film 'Gabbar Is Back'

  • 'While We're Young' - Movie Review

    'While We're Young' - Movie Review

    'While We're Young', the new film starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts confirms one thing – director Noah Baumbach is hands down, the best storyteller of people on the cusp of the late twenties and early thirties

  • 'Sabki Bajegi Band' - Movie Review

    'Sabki Bajegi Band' - Movie Review

    This is a funny film, alright. It claims to be India's first reality film and shows you a disclaimer saying that any resemblance to real characters is co-incidental

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Malavika’s Mumbai

  • The Hunk Factor

    The Hunk Factor

    This is one social science observation that we can believe. According to one of its promoters, one of the reasons why the Pro Kabbadi league will make a profit in its second year of existence, is because Indian women cannot get enough of the visual delight it affords of handsome, swarthy and sweaty players grappling with each other on the field

  • Going Nuclear on TV

  • Waltzing Diplomacy

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Dear Diana

'Our long-distance relationship is taking a toll...'

'Our long-distance relationship is taking a toll...'

I've been with this guy for over two years. He was a colleague at work. Eight months ago, he shifted to Hyderabad to take up a new job

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The supreme self-confidence with which you shall go about accomplishing your tasks today will surprise and impress everyone in your circle.Read More



The stars are in your favour today, and you can expect a smooth sailing on almost all fronts. Help your spouse with his/her daily chores, in order to maintain harmony.Read More



Brimming with happiness today, you will spread the positive vibes everywhere you go. You will derive a lot of job satisfaction too, and will manage to please your employer.Read More



Whatever adversities you may have to face today, you shall face them not only calmly, but also with a great deal of wisdom. Rest assured that you will succeed!Read More



You will have to concentrate more than usual on your work today, so make sure that you do not let your emotions affect your functioning. Stay tuned to ground realities.Read More