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  • 'Tomorrowland' - Movie Review

    'Tomorrowland' - Movie Review

    A lot of things in the movie are clichéd to the hilt. Despite being a Brad Bird film, 'Tomorrowland' restricts itself to being a run of the mill Disney movie with easy plot points. The film looks gorgeous, of course, and kudos to Disney for presenting the film in 2D rather than 3D

  • 'Poltergeist' - Movie Review

    'Poltergeist' - Movie Review

    The scares in 'Poltergeist' mostly range from predictable bump in the dark to screeching loud just to jolt you. Most of them fall flat, and the added 3D layer doesn't do much than make the already dark film look even darker

  • 'Big Game' - Movie Review

    'Big Game' - Movie Review

    When it comes to movie fun you can hardly go wrong with 'Big Game'. Let's just hope there's a sequel that is even more ridiculous, pardon the pun, in nature

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Dear Diana

'I keep falling in and out of love...'

'I keep falling in and out of love...'

I don’t know if there is something wrong with me, but I keep falling in and out of love. My last relationship lasted barely six months...

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Today’s Horoscope



You shall crave for security in your relationships and consequently you shall commit yourself whole-heartedly to them to develop strong and long-lasting bonds.Read More



You may spend the whole day chatting with your family members and planning for some events. All in all a fun family day! Some shopping in the evening is on the cards.Read More



Be careful to avoid arguments at home today, as certain members of your family may be in a very foul mood. Neutralise the negativities by sending out positive vibes.Read More



The typical weekend spirit engulfs you today. You may laze around, go for a lunch, and while away the evening with your beloved. Friends may demand attention.Read More



Although people around you shall really appreciate your attitude as well as efficiency, some recent loss on the personal front may cause you anxiety.Read More



Since you shall slog like a workhorse today, words will not be necessary to vindicate your reputation as one of the most competent persons in your whole office.Read More



You are likely to remain busy fulfilling a number of social obligations. Guests shall arrive at your home, making the atmosphere lively and happy. Naturally, your spirits will soar.Read More



Meditation and self-analysis will keep you preoccupied today, but rest assured, by evening you will gain a lot of clarity about your confusing circumstances.Read More



You may feel disappointed that your efforts are not being valued, but stay positive as good tidings are already on the way. Celebrations in the evening shall be on.Read More



Bottling up your emotions is beginning to choke you, so today you need to confide them in some people who you know are your well-wishers and are also wise.Read More



The stars shall be shining down on you today, if you are in a profession where you have to hold the stage solo. Spare a thought for strengthening your financial position. Read More



A much-needed holiday trip is finally upon you. You and your family members shall be busy with making the last-minute preparations. Enjoy yourself wholeheartedly!Read More