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  • 'The Gunman' - Movie review

    'The Gunman' - Movie review

    'The Gunman' is a snooze inducing and derivative drama-thriller that makes 'Run All Night' seem like a classic. Despite being set in locales like Africa and Europe, it feels incredibly bland. There's nothing as such in the film that's commendable, save for Sean Penn's physique at his age

  • 'Run All Night' - Movie review

    'Run All Night' - Movie review

    Not improving on any level is the newest Liam Neeson movie 'Run All Night' that simply takes every single element from his recent action films and recycles them for you. 'Run All Night' is exactly like recent Neeson films in theme, style, plotting and narrative, even the title of the film seems to place it in a particular category

  • 'Hunterrr' - Movie review

    'Hunterrr' - Movie review

    There is a subtle difference between a pure, unbridled take on the 'taboo' topic of sex and a tacky one that tries too hard. Unfortunately, though Harshavardhan Kulkarni's 'Hunterrr' shows a lot of promise, it veers more towards the latter

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    Dear Diana

    'It is hard to walk away from my husband...'

    'It is hard to walk away from my husband...'

    I am 36 with two kids. My husband doesn't care for me, but after all this time I am finding it hard to break free and move on

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