Animal Save India & Sadaa Sayed celebrated a Vegan Dahi-Handi

24 August,2022 05:20 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

A one of its kind Janmashtami celebration

Mumbai chapter of Animal Save India, well known as Mumbai Animal Save never leaves a chance to show the world that there*s nothing that can*t be celebrated in a vegan and cruelty free way. This Janmashtami, the organization collaborated with the famous vegan actor Sadaa Sayed*s Earthlings Cafe and had a grand celebration.

"Doesn*t matter if it*s Eid, Diwali, Janmashtami or Christmas, we can celebrate every festival in a cruelty free way by not hurting any sentient being."- said Sadaa while starting the event.

With several people including vegans and non-vegan, all in traditional attire, Earthlings Cafe had a festive vibe all around. The celebration started by breaking the Dahi-Handi with the vegan dahi substitute and ended with a delicious sabudana khichdi & kheer made by Sadaa herself. Along with veganising the food the whole event was also made sustainable and zero-waste by assuring all the environmental aspects.

Aprajita Ashish concluded the event saying- "Animal Save India will always bring forward a way to veganise and celebrate every festival in a compassionate and a cruelty-free way so as to hurt no sentient being."

Animal Save India unearths the unethical practices going on in the animal industry and focuses to educate people about how choosing a plant based and vegan lifestyle is the key to end these animal cruelty practices and help restoring the ecosystem. Through such sustainable and mindful celebrations they remind the world that festivities too can be celebrated in a compassionate manner.

Support the Plant Based Treaty and join the millions of people looking ahead to a better environment and a much better world.

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