Astrology with this man is inimitable and astronomical.

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Astrologer Dr. Shri. Chithrabhanu K Poduval is one of the iconic astrologer in today`s world, who is known for his striking achievements, with his Intuitive capacity as an astrologer.

When someone needs to know, how his proposed partner's character behaviour and even ailments; this man is the only way to know it.

And when it's about finding a lost cellphone or Jewel or document, this striking astrologer is the last resort.

Based at Payyanur, a temple town in North part of Kerala, India, born to a bank employer father and Grandson of one the greatest orator, freedom fighter and greatest historic social engineer, his town 'Payyanur' is known as world astrology hub of the world and a very famous Subramania Swami Temple, he is a trendsetter, traditional, conventional cum modern iconic figure in Vedic Jyothisha and Predictive intuitive astrology.

Astrologer Dr. Shri. Chithrabhanu K Poduval is one of the iconic astrologer in today's world, who is known for his striking achievements, with his Intuitive capacity as an astrologer.

He is the most established leading Intuitive astrologer of the world itself today.

Something more extra than other astrologers do usually, blaming planets and it's effects, Chithrabhanu K Poduval, is quite known for his striking capabilities of finding things , materials, characters and surroundings far away with relating with position of planets, . He is a behaviour tracker , character reader and carries an investigative touch with his Astrology. He is the most promising astrologer of today, in the way that, for example, for someone to agree with him to change the bedroom or house, he conveys which bedroom or surroundings of the house he uses, to easily convince him.

With an immense client base in all major states , districts of India, and almost all countries over the globe, his reach is unmatched in the way of his skills and healing touch.

Chithrabhanu K Poduval is widely known as the first astrologer to predict Shri. Narendra Modi ji became the next prime minister in 2014, with a widely famous prediction cum article on social media and Facebook. Second, he was interviewed by The Week magazine, to make him noticeably the frontrunner to predict Shri. Narendra Modi returning back to Power again in 2019 General elections. His prediction saying Modi's political opponents have no chance to come to power in 2019 was also quite popular.

Chithrabhanu K Poduval s revelations of certain incidents of the world which very much has become very striking. On November 1 2019, he predicted that "a rare phenomenon is going to happen from today onwards with planets , in this world, where people will have changes like biological,social, geographical and political, people's mindset, and this kind of impact will be more in the northeastern hemisphere and southeastern hemisphere , and also in each country, and each continent further." And that was his foresight on COVID pandemic.

Chithrabhanu K Poduval is known for finding lost valuables, properties, humans and animals too. He has found back gold, diamond and other valuables , small and big, about worth more than a 20 crores for his clients who lost their valuables till date. Also quite skilled to find the mineral resources, water and colour of rock underneath too with using Planetary placements. Also his findings on the lost Malaysian Airlines, MH370 and AirAsia were also very striking.

Chithrabhanu K Poduval is quite popular in the way of someone in the field who makes a thousand kinds of different crafts the rarest of rare influential and life rectifying Vedic divine yanthras and Amulets which are unique in the way of Handwritten Handcrafted, and can't find an alternative to it. He prepares , delivers the highest number of yanthras today. He travels extensively all over the globe and overseas to guide his clients and admirers. His solutions are unique and special and have initiated the highest number of Homaas/ Hawans or ritualistic solutions in the world today. He is popular as Life rectifier, with his solutions and problem solving abilities. He is quite popular with special practices in Ganitha Jyothisha shastras, Kutumba(family) Prashna , Ashtamangala Prashna , and Deva(deity) prashna.

An Astrologer who can cure rare illnesses, ailments which seems to be mysterious and incurable, or who can change the worst to better or best, is his own unique credit. His special solutions had changed the worst water to drink to an edible one, underneath, by conveying unseen factors and the visible effects it makes. His clients stretch from his neighborhoods to cross oceans, which include Arabs, Middle East and North Asian, American, Europeans and Russians and Japanese. He has a very big bunch of striking stories of very interesting twists to his credit in his field of work.

In 2017 he was honoured with a honorary Doctorate by Commonwealth vocational University, Kingdom of Tonga, at the convocation held at Palm Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai UAE. Also, he was honoured with the award of India's best astrologer by Global Triumph Foundation in 2019 and again 2020, which was handled over by three times Grammy Award winner musician Ricky Kej.

And the latest to convey, Shri. Chithrabhanu K Poduval was recently awarded as the world's best intuitive astrologer, which was handled over by former chief Justice of India honorouble Mr. Joseph Kurian on December 18th 2023 at New Delhi.

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