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29 November,2023 07:24 PM IST |  MUMBAI  |  BrandMedia

At the forefront of the fintech boom in India, Spare 8 has definitely turned some heads.

Spare8, the trailblazing investment app has quickly become the go-to for investors seeking investments in GOLD. With their new feature Gold leasing that lets users reap benefits of earning up-to an impressive 16% p.a. return on their Gold investment, with a mere 0.5 grams.

This unique feature not only democratises investment but also positions Spare8 as a leading application for financial growth..

Now to understand how the app functions and what gold leasing is really about, we'll dive into the the details

In India, large-scale jewellers need between 250 kgs and 500 kgs of gold per month. Rather than taking out a loan in Indian Rupees, these jewellers prefer to take out a loan in gold metal to safeguard themselves against everyday price swings.

While banks already offer gold loans to the numerous jewellers, they usually have to pay higher interest rates to these banks and institutional investors for metal loans.

Applications like Spare8 have come in to bridge this gap, Spare8+ leverages Augmont's established retail digital gold savings infrastructure. This unique collaboration empowers Spare8 users to lease their gold directly to jewellers. The result? Earn a lucrative yield i.e up-to 16% p.a., while alleviating jewellers from the burden of steep interest rates.

The Growth of Spare8 -
At the forefront of the fintech boom in India, Spare8 has definitely turned some heads. The app has been making waves, now boasting over a whopping 500k users, securing its position as a seamless and user-friendly leader in the fintech space.

The application has a mission to simplify the way people lease, earn interest, invest & save in Gold.

Ronit Harisingani, CEO and Co-Founder of Spare8, emphasises the seismic rise in digital spending through UPI in India. He notes that despite this surge and nearly a billion Indians having bank accounts today, however most of them have never made any formal investments - Part of the reason is confusion.

70% of the low income cohort don't have a formal savings mechanism and 45% Indian

consumers want ease of operational processes while saving.

Due to lack of awareness about other financial products, such as equities, a large proportion of investment has been flowing into assets such as gold.

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The real gem of any app's success can be defined by their users' feedback and we were caught by how these users shared their view on Spare8.

What's the secret sauce? Well, it turns out that the app not only helps you save, but literally rewards you for it. The gamification aspect, especially the slot spins, has turned saving into a daily adventure. Users can't help but open the app, motivated to make those small savings that translate into tangible rewards.

Another user shared a success story, having already saved over 10k through Spare8's daily savings automation. What's more, they're excited to test out Gold leasing, which is poised to unlock the additional 4-5% benefits.

How Spare8 works - spare8's Unique Flow: From User to Leaser

Imagine your journey with Spare8 as a financial adventure where every transaction becomes a stepping stone towards earning remarkable returns. A user's initiation with Spare8 is designed to seamlessly guide them towards leasing opportunities, unlocking an additional 4-5% return. It's not just an app; it's a dynamic ecosystem engineered to turn everyday transactions into a pathway to financial success.

No Lock-In Period, Daily Interest Payouts: Earning on the Go

One of Spare8's most appealing features is the absence of a lock-in period. Investors can access their digital gold investments at their convenience, reinforcing the sense of financial freedom. Adding to the allure, Spare8 ensures that interest is accrued daily, creating a unique earning-on-the-go experience. It's not just an investment; it's a daily journey towards financial prosperity.

Spare8: An App That Keeps You Hooked

Users are raving about Spare8, claiming it to be the best app with the most robust offers. The seamless integration of gamification, such as the engaging slot machine gaming feature, ensures users are hooked, eagerly checking daily spins and potential winnings. Spare8 isn't just an app; it's a daily source of excitement, offering a unique blend of investment and entertainment.

Fastest way to earn 16% returns; now earn 16% with Spare8.

In conclusion, Since its launch, Spare8 has spearheaded a revolution in the financial space, boasting an impressive 50k leases already executed. This staggering number underscores Spare8's rapid adoption and the trust it has garnered among investors, establishing it as a dominant player in the digital gold leasing arena.

Being a leading investment platform and a dynamic force propelling users towards financial success. With its unique features, gamification, and transformative potential, Spare8 redefines the investment landscape. Don't miss out on the revolution - visit Spare8 today and embark on a financial empowerment journey.

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