Enter The MemeMainia With Two Projects On The Rise, Big Eyes Coin and Dogelon Mars

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Internet meme culture has contributed to the way we communicate, engage, interact and consume media. The rapid spread of viral images, videos and GIFs through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. The popularity of memes have now transcended into the world of crypto, where blockchain networks now brand themselves around internet memes.

This began in 2013 with Dogecoin, where the developers aimed to create a lighthearted and fun cryptocurrency that diverts from the traditional utilitarian and technical functions that Bitcoin possesses. There are two crypto projects that are looking to elevate the meme coin sector further are Dogelon Mars (ELON) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Enter The Feline Community With Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a community-driven currency aimed at transferring money into the decentralised financial ecosystem. The blockchain network recognises that community coins are significant wealth creators and wishes to supply more by creating an environment that self-promotes hypergrowth through the use of NFTs to provide access to additional content and events, making participation worthwhile.

The cryptocurrency initiative also intends to safeguard a vital element of the world*s ecology by contributing 5% of its total revenues to a charity wallet, which will be distributed to ocean-based organisations to aid in the conservation of sea life. Its creators have already devised a novel way to link their feline-themed token, as cats are known to like eating fish.

Mascots, mainly dogs, are a prominent topic among these meme coins. However, Big Eyes Coin takes a unique approach by using a large-eyed cat as its mascot. The mascot of the meme currency is designed in the manga/anime style, which is inspired by Japanese culture. Using this style of design for their mascot allows BIG to target one of the world*s largest entertainment sectors, as Grand View Research estimates the worldwide anime industry to reach $59.39 billion by 2030.

By doing so, the crypto network differentiates itself from other meme currencies, perhaps providing it an advantage in the cryptocurrency market. BIG also has community governance, tax-free fees, and a dynamic tax structure.

Indulge Yourself Into The World Of Dogelon Mars

Dogelon Mars (ELON) is a canine themed cryptocurrency that runs on Polygon and Ethereum. The blockchain network riffs on numerous famous meme coin themes. Its name is a combination of Dogecoin and Elon Musk, the wealthy entrepreneur who is a vocal backer of Doge. It refers to Mars, a play on the popular moon meme, hinting that Dogelon will suffer a great upward ascent. Dogelon Mars has amassed a sizable community, with over 300,000 Twitter followers and over 84,000 Telegram subscribers.

As a context for its currency, ELON uses a funny comedic narrative about Dogelon, the dog that gave the coin its name. On the coin*s website, several short comics follow Dogelon on his journeys to Mars, where he makes friends and goes on adventures. ELON is a meme currency with no value other than buying it and storing it in a wallet like Metamask. However, because it has a strong mix of three extremely "memeable" features in its names (Elon Musk, Doge, Moon/Mars), Dogelon Mars might gain swiftly if the general cryptocurrency market appreciates and the risk appetite for meme coins grows.

Final Thoughts

Despite the crypto market being sporadic throughout 2022, the interest in cryptocurrencies has maintained. The lighthearted nature of meme coins have undoubtedly contributed to the development and popularity of cryptocurrencies. Therefore you should consider buying both Big Eyes Coin and Dogelon Mars, as they will bring the fun to making financial fruition.

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