“Fitness for me isn't about looks, it's more about me feeling more comfortable in my body”, says Actress and Model Renu Kaushal

25 November,2022 01:37 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

With our entertainment networks being filled with all fit actors and actresses, it has truly inspired today`s youth to maintain a lean body which surely has many health benefits as well.

Renu Kaushal

With the rise of diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiac Diseases being on the rise, maintaining a well balanced diet and exercising regularly is essential. While there are both traditional and scientifically ways to get your body in shape, it is widely known that a proper exercise regime and a balanced diet is the best way to achieve a healthy lean body.

As fitness plays a very important role in the entertainment and pageant industry, when asked Ms. Renu Kaushal Actor and Title holder for ‘WORLD SUPER MODEL 2017* & ‘MISS INDIA WORLD WIDE 2019* about her relationship with Fitness, she said, "Since my early teens, I have always been cautious about my body weight as i was very skinny, and this has helped me inculcate a lot of healthy habits since childhood. I desired to be working as an actress or a model and always was ready to work as hard as possible to achieve this dream of mine. For me, working out and yoga feels as if it*s in my veins, as if even if I skip it for a single day, I feel restless and extremely uncomfortable."

When asked about what tip she would like to give to the youth today in terms of being fit, she mentioned, "The only tip I would like to give to these youngsters is to start small but make sure that you do it religiously. Even if you decide to start your fitness regime with a 10 minute walk, just do it everyday as it is a complete selfless act. The only person who is getting benefit out of it is yourself, and as you get comfortable with it, keep adding up to it, maybe change the intensity or start something new in addition to it so that it can make sure that your body becomes better and is able to show you desired results."

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