International Women’s Day: “10 Women Leaders with Vision Shaping Industries and Driving Essential Growth

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Here are 10 accomplished and inspiring women from India who have significantly altered the world`s perception of women, leaving a lasting impact.

Take a moment to delve into their stories of success...

To celebrate International Women's Day, let's explore a compilation of 10 female leaders whose innovative visions are shaping industries, driving success, and illuminating pathways for millions around the globe. Through their remarkable journeys, they serve as beacons of empowerment and inspiration for women everywhere.

Jecintha Pillai- Director Kings International Medical Academy Pvt Ltd

While measuring the contribution of a mother can be industrious enough, here is a woman who has mothered a multitude. Born in a house, short of a roof that has nothing more than four walls and a few vessels, from the age of five she decided to shoulder a part of her mother's responsibility by picking up the broom, sweeping dirt and cleaning floors and did her study in candlelight. In this adverse situation she completed her college degree in Pune city, India. She dreamt big by Securing the role of Director of Transworld Educare and Kings International, she was instrumental in creating over thousands doctors working all across the globe. Her work won her multiple awards for her determination which transcended the gender narratives. Indubitably, she remains to be an example that Mothers are powerful beyond comparison, not just by maternity but by every parameter possible.

Falguni Nayar- CEO of Nykaa

"Don't hesitate to embrace risks as you navigate your journey. In the early stages of your career, dare to take calculated risks and place bold bets on yourself. Explore various paths to discern your preferences and strengths. Challenge yourself by taking on roles that push you beyond your comfort zone. Falguni Nayar, CEO of Nykaa, the renowned beauty brand, a seasoned businesswoman, emphasized that it's never too late to embark on a new beginning. Nayar herself initiated her venture,, at the age of 50. "Remember, no matter what others may say, it's never too late to begin anew,"

Dr. Amita Phadnis- Renowned Pediatrician, Director ONP Hospital Pune

Embodying a perfect blend of experience and innovation, Dr. Amita Phadnis, has set a high standard in the field of pediatrics and neonatology. Through her work, she manifests an unparalleled dedication towards improving the quality of life of her young patients and providing them with a fighting chance at life, there by embodying the very essence of a true healer. In1992, driven by her immense commitment to enhancing child healthcare, Dr. Amita Phadnis founded Neo Clinic, the first tertiary level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Pune. She has spearheaded various initiatives focused on women and child health. Her mission is to uplift healthcare standards and deliver outstanding pediatric care in Pune and beyond.

Sushama S.Chordiya- VP & Secretary of Suryadatta Education Foundation

Sushama Chordiya is a well-known humanitarian and social worker who works diligently to improve society and empower the underprivileged. She is a conscientious and caring daughter, wife, mother, and grandma who successfully balance work and family life. She is the silent but powerful driving force behind the organization's phenomenal success since 1999. She believes that everyone has enormous potential to prove that nothing is impossible.Recently she has visited University of Oxford, Oxford U.K. She has been honored with International & National awards for her invaluable contribution in Education and Social upliftment of the society.

Anu Aga- Former Chairperson and Non-Executive Director.

With no prior experience in business or engineering, Anu Aga unexpectedly assumed leadership of Thermax Global, one of India's major engineering firms, following her husband's sudden passing in 1996. Over her eight-year tenure as chair, Aga revolutionized the company's focus on energy and environmental engineering, specializing in the production and conservation of energy through equipment like boilers, generators, and turbines. She attributed part of her success to her readiness to seek assistance, "For me, success is about finding inner peace and pursuing everything with fervor. Further she added ,I don't see achievement in one aspect of life as necessitating sacrifices in health or family time."

Rajashree Parab- Key channel partner of Happiness Factory

A Personal Financial and Life Coach, Rajashree Parab is an ex-banker who helps families realize the true potential of their savings and set a discipline of goal-based investing. Her coaching and counseling experience helps her clientele get the right mindset for a well invested life, along with tailormade financial plans suited for their life goals. Rajashree has a vision to empower women and educate youth on personal finance and help retirees live their best second innings., Her Firm provides goal-based investment platform that guides 7000+ families in personal finance. A 90 minute discussion with her will definitely demystify your fears around money and assist you in designing your road map to Financial Freedom.

Deepti Chacko Bangera- Engineer & International beauty pageant winner

Deepti Chacko Bangera's journey as an engineer by profession and a writer, she is the fusion of intellect and creativity. Deepti's achievements representing at the National Games four times highlighted her early prowess. Yet, a setbacka back injuryled to weight gain, Deepti embarked on a transformative journey, and emerging as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of body positivity. Her crowning moment arrived in 2021 when she won the title of Mrs. India Empress of the Nation (Plus) by DIVA Pageants, Subsequently, representing India at the Mrs. Queen of Galaxy 2021 in Thailand, Deepti emerged her status as a global icon of resilience and positivity.

Sangita Palshikar - The Non-executive director, SKP Bearing Industries Ltd

Mrs. Sangita Palshikar., as the saying goes, 'Behind every great man, there's a great woman.' Companies growth journey in manufacturing and exporting Needle Rollers, Cylindrical Rollers, Steel Balls, and Pins, stands out as a empowerment and gender equality. With a global presence in the Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, and the recent addition of France. Founded in 1991 as a partnership firmlater evolved into a distinguished public limited entity. The company's steadfast dedication to women empowerment is exemplified by its workforce, where an 35% comprises women, Mrs. Sangita Palshikar received an award as ‘Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs' in 2011, by our former President of India, Hon'ble Shri Pranab Mukherjee.

Pankti Agarwal- Director, Laser Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Cutting Through Stereotypes: Womanufacturing - The Rise of Women in Manufacturing. Pankti Agarwal, (LTPL) founded in 2011 has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Laser Technologies Pvt. Ltd remains dedicated to women's skilling and hiring, Pankit stands as a female leader in a predominantly male environment.On International Women's Day, Laser Technologies unlocking boundless possibilities for a brighter and more inclusive future. Pankit's experiences have fueled a goal not only in the boardroom but also through active participation in various CSR initiatives. Pankti is a proud contributor to initiatives like Womanufacturing, a platform to the stories of individuals recognized as the 'Makers of India.'

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