International Women’s Day: Empowered women share insights on their inspiring Journey

07 March,2024 06:50 PM IST |  MUMBAI  |  BrandMedia

This Womens day, let’s celebrate the journey of women who have made their mark on the world and are inspirations to the women who aspire to achieve.

Aditi Mathur Kumar, best selling author, mother, advertising professional

Aditi Explains the empowering and interesting journey "Growing up, all my heroes have been women. I have always been inspired and motivated by women who are trailblazers, who refused to be put into a box and who embraced their freedom while empowering others. This trend continues to define me till date. I write stories about the Indian Army wives and families and I am forever in awe of the strength and courage displayed everyday by this tribe. I believe that Army wives are some of the strongest women who hold the fort at home while the soldier does his duty for the nation. That said, I firmly believe that the journey of every empowered woman is inspiring to the rest of us."

Aditi Mathur Kumar is a best selling author, mother, advertising professional and a proud Indian Army wife. Aditi's first book, Soldier & Spice, is a heart-warming and poignant story about the grand and mysterious world of Army wives. Aditi is also the only Indian Army wife to deliver a TEDx talk about the lives of Army families.'

Dr Shibani Kasulla , Founder Director The Dishaa Group

The soul's deliberate choice to embody the feminine essence holds significance; Embrace that Energy & empowerment will inevitably manifest" , says Dr Shibani , The Founder Director of The Dishaa Group , a mumbai based Spiritual solutions company, having a global presence .

"She is an Indian visionary and Spiritual Mentor who helps others in traversing their soulful journey with extreme consciousness. With a successful stint in corporate life with MNCs, Dr. Shibani is an MBA & a Doctorate in Astrological Science ,a Gold medalist Daivednya Shiromani . " Soul Orgasms" Her book is a shining narrative under the spirituality genre with a contemporary take. She says, "I choose the metaphor of an orgasm because it is an universal experience, and does not always need a partner. It is the climax of your journey of pleasure, and a zero place where you are vulnerable. Ego, time, even the sense of a physical body just drops away. You just want to be in that moment "

She stresses on the need to make spirituality your lifestyle to get you closer to your life purpose, aka Your SOUL .

She conducts Spiritual retreats & one such retreat, The Dishaa SOUL LEGACY is happening on the 29th , 30th & 31st March 2024 in Lonavla which you can join .

Dr.Manishaa Mani is an Author, Motivational speaker

"A woman is strong within herself, she just needs to wake up. What could be a greater proof of women empowerment than the fact that in order to destroy the wicked, demons and rakshasas, even the gods

had to either worship women or take the form of women." Says Dr. Manishaa Mani. Dr.Manishaa Mani is an Author/Poetess /Reiki Master/Pendulum Dowser/Graphologist/Mirror Mosaic Artist / Mudra Meditation instructor/ Aura reader/Radio Jockey/ journalist/Motivational speaker/Art of living volunteer and Member of Indian Literature society. "Mani" is her pen name.She has done Phd in economics. She is a founder of "Karma Healing ray". she has written three poetry book and four anthologies. Recently one of her admirer has written her biography "Manishaa A flight of courage" which was released by Bollywood actor shishir sharma of movie "Razzi". In the literary world she has been awarded with 29 awards so far.

Ruchi sharma, Author

" Women may look as delicate as silk thread but boy! Oh boy! If you ever try their strength" Says Ms Sharma

"I have been a storyteller since the age of 5. Growing up with her grandfather, who was a literature buff and the biggest bookworm I ever came across. It was him who introduced me to this whole bookish pursuit which fascinated my imagination and gave me wings to pursue my creativity further. I published my first romantic fiction in 2023 but the plot was brewing in the corridors of my mind for a long time. My journey as an author has been really interesting and inevitable." She added.

Ms Sharma started writing poems at an early age and published her first set when she was in 10th standard in the form of a coffee table book. It was a great achievement for someone who lived in a second tier city of uttar pradesh where everyone was only obsessed with either being in the medical or engineering field.

Monisha K Gumber, Author

"All women deserve and have the potential to be and feel empowered but still need support from their families and society in general, however the larger point is that empowered women need to share their wisdom, success and expertise to elevate and strengthen others- irrespective of the gender." Says Monisha K Gumber.

Monisha K Gumber is amongst a handful of Indian authors who addresses issues faced by contemporary desi teens, specially growing-up girls. Her popular YA graphic novels titled Sick of being Healthy, Dying to Live and Dolly won't Play which are now combined and offered as a complete package titled 'Teen Trilogy'. The book focuses on the wacky lives of three close friends Tara, Megha and Dolly dealing with their unique experiences with boys, school lives and never-ending expectations of the society in general. They are colloquial, motivational, and highly entertaining. Yet, her narrative can get hard-hitting, raw, and intense at times, which has garnered thousands of ardent online followers specially those who enjoy the combination of illustrations, ideas and words.

Dr. Jayshree Om, Author, Entrepreneur

Dr. Jayshree Om emphasised on education for women "Education can help our nation elevate. The women have the potential to run the house as well as the office. The workforce of India can be doubled if every woman empowers herself with the right approach, positive mindset, authentic resources, sincere efforts and a pinch of destiny. The journey of life of woman can become interesting if she becomes financially independent."

She added "As a child, I would spend hours in my uncle's cabin watching him run his business empire. His working style got imprinted on my mind which helped me become a successful entrepreneur myself without any formal training."

Dr. Jayshree Om is a multi-faceted personality.Her strength lies in the application of ancient Vedic architectural principles to modern structures with notable results.She is India's finest Vāstu consultant and the author of four international best-selling books on Vedic Vāstu.

She aims to revive the Ancient Science of Architecture. She has translated the ancient scriptures for the benefit of the world and is working towards making homes and premises with Vedic principles.

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