Reviving Ancient Wisdom: Exploring the Essence of Vedic Vastu in 'Vastu Remedies: Manifest Your Dreams

11 March,2024 03:00 PM IST |  MUMBAI  |  BrandMedia

The origins of Vastu trace back to Lord Siva, passing through the lineage of Sage Parasara, Sage Brhadratha, and Lord Visvakarma. 

Dr. Jayshree Om

Dr. Jayshree Om, a luminary in the domain of Vedic Vastu, unveils the profound wisdom of ancient architecture in her book "Vastu Remedies: Manifest Your Dreams." With a distinguished legacy of four books on the timeless science of Vastu, her latest work emerges as a guiding beacon, illuminating the path toward creating harmonious spaces in alignment with cosmic energies.

At the core of Vedic Vastu lies a comprehensive mechanism for individuals to harmonize with the elemental forces - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Ether, known as Pamca Bhuta. The historical significance resonates deeply as even celestial beings dwelled in Vastu-compliant abodes to facilitate their transcendence. The grandeur of City of Dvaraka, Amaravati, Cintamani Grha, and Ravana's palace stands testament to the architectural prowess of Lord Visvakarma, the Divine Architect.

The origins of Vastu trace back to Lord Siva, passing through the lineage of Sage Parasara, Sage Brhadratha, and Lord Visvakarma. However, the passage of time, along with the ebb of human consciousness, led to the fading of this sacred oral knowledge. To preserve this ancient science, numerous sages meticulously transcribed the teachings into scriptures across centuries.

Dr. Jayshree Om's intent in crafting this book is twofold: to revive this ancient science and to create spaces that resonate with the Earth's energy and cosmic harmony. Filled with excerpts from original source texts, each chapter serves as a gateway into ancient principles, accompanied by diagrams, case studies, and myths encapsulating the essence of Vedic Vastu.

"Vastu Remedies: Manifest Your Dreams" is not just a book; it's an invitation to delve into an authentic science that transforms homes into positive, universally aligned sanctuaries - a reservoir of boundless energy. Structured as a DIY Vastu Guidebook, it empowers readers to infuse their personal spaces with the wisdom of ancient principles, fostering a timeless and harmonious environment.

In essence, Dr. Jayshree Om's opus serves as a conduit, bridging the ancient wisdom of Vedic Vastu with the contemporary quest for balance and alignment in one's living spaces.

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