Revolutionize Marketing: Achieve Unprecedented Growth with Growify Digital.

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Growify’s goal is to elevate your ecommerce business`s global online presence, boost brand awareness, and drive sales revenue.

Introducing Growify Digital, a results-driven marketing and development agency. Their expert growth hackers specialize in creative content, tech marketing, and structured sales processes. They've helped renowned brands like Masaba, Ridhi Mehra, Tarun Tahiliani, and more achieve 5X, 7X, and even 10X growth in sales.

Growify's goal is to elevate your ecommerce business's global online presence, boost brand awareness, and drive sales revenue. What sets them apart is their unique approach: they take a sales incentive from the revenue we generate, aligning their success with yours.

Revolutionize Your E-commerce Business with Growify Digital: In-depth Discussion with Disha Bhatnagar and Rishab Mehra, Co-founders of Growify, on the Art of Growth Hacking.

Q1. What would you say makes digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing in terms of reach, targeting, interactivity, engagement, measurability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and personalization. It allows for precise targeting, interactive experiences, real-time analytics, cost-effectiveness, quick adjustments, and personalized messaging. Traditional marketing has broader reach but relies on one-way communication, is harder to measure accurately, and can be costlier.

For instance, with Masaba, we utilized Google Ads, push notifications, Facebook Catalog Ads, email marketing, and WhatsApp Marketing. Achieving up to 5x growth in the ad spend budget within 18 months, we swiftly established a presence in the Middle East, boosting brand recognition and online sales. With a strong ROI, we quadrupled our marketing budget, expanding our reach to a wider audience.

Q2. How do you pick effective digital marketing KPIs and how would you rank their importance?

When selecting key performance indicators (KPIs) for effective digital marketing, Growify prioritizes them as follows, along with their importance rating:

1. ROI: Measuring the profitability of marketing campaigns by comparing revenue generated to campaign costs. (Very Important)

2. Cost Per Acquisition: Evaluating the cost of acquiring a single customer.

3. Bounce Rate: Assessing website usability, content relevance, and ad targeting based on the rate at which visitors leave the site without further interaction.

4. CTR (Click-Through Rate): Evaluating the effectiveness of ad copy, targeting, and creative elements in attracting user attention and driving traffic.

5. CPC (Cost Per Click): Assessing the efficiency of ad spend and comparing the cost-effectiveness of different advertising platforms or campaigns.

6. Frequency: Tracking the number of times an ad is shown to a single user.

By prioritizing these KPIs, Growify ensures a comprehensive evaluation of marketing campaign performance, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization.

Q3. If you were tasked with improving the overall traffic of a brand, how would you structure that process and how would you measure its success?

Firstly, we define the target audience, ensuring precise targeting. Then, we optimize the website for search engines, increasing visibility and attracting organic traffic. Valuable content creation helps engage and attract people to the brand. We closely track traffic metrics such as sessions and cart additions to measure success.

For Torani, we developed a comprehensive e-commerce platform, enhancing order management, marketing, design, and sales processes across departments. We integrated various accounts, including payment gateways, and employed tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, Shopify, and Google Studio for detailed analytics. Over 20 plugins were implemented for optimization and strategic planning. Website design improvements and content refinement were prioritized.

In terms of digital marketing, we extensively analyzed Torani's unique selling propositions and identified customer personas for each product segment. This knowledge guided our planning, execution, and optimization of campaigns, with A/B testing identifying the most effective audience targets. Our strategic approach drives increased traffic, enhances user engagement, and supports overall brand growth.

Q4. Has there been a time that you have had to combine analytical thinking and creativity to overcome a problem?

Every day, we encounter situations that require a blend of analytical thinking and creativity to overcome challenges. By examining data and metrics, we gain insights into asset performance, enabling informed decisions for optimization.

In one notable project, Growify tackled the complexity of developing an online system for ordering customizable couture on the Ridhi Mehra website. Extensive research and testing were undertaken to provide clients with a seamless ordering and customization experience, akin to being physically present at a store.

Another challenge arose when working with Tarun Tahiliani, where we faced the task of building a website that required both intricate coding and visually appealing design within a tight deadline. Through meticulous attention to detail, we successfully managed inventory stock across multiple warehouses and seamlessly integrated it with the website, providing accurate and real-time product availability information to customers.

By combining our expertise in analytics and creativity, we consistently overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.

Q5. How do you motivate your performance marketing team to surpass targets and give their best?

At Growify, we strongly believe in nurturing individuality and fostering a culture of creativity and freedom. Our core principle revolves around empowering each individual to take ownership of their brand and shape it according to their vision.

We prioritize collaboration and open communication, recognizing that true creativity thrives in such an environment. Rather than imposing rigid targets, we encourage our team members to adjust their goals based on mid-month performance, promoting flexibility and adaptability while reducing unnecessary stress.

To keep our team motivated and engaged, we regularly onboard new brands. This approach keeps our team agile and continuously learning about different aspects of the industry. Recently, we have welcomed esteemed brands such as Gaurav Gupta, Anju Modi, Bridal Asia, and Hazoorilal Legacy into our portfolio.

Partner with Growify Digital for remarkable growth. Unlock your brand's potential and soar to new heights in the digital landscape.

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