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With a population of 22 million, Mumbai is one of Asia*s most populous cities and draws visitors from all over the world. The city of Mumbai is India*s financial hub, making it the costliest place to buy properties. However, this will also provide many possibilities for wise investors to make investments in this city in the near future. Mumbai*s real estate market is seeing a rapid expansion in its geography as many new locations are being explored and as a consequence, fresh opportunities for investors will arise in the near future to place their money in less costly areas.

Mumbai has experienced a surge in infrastructure development; the city*s millions of citizens have been waiting patiently for an increasing number of infrastructure projects. The city*s strong ability to create jobs also propels and thrives the residential real estate market. Another important factor contributing to Mumbai*s real estate market*s expansion is connectivity. Local trains and buses, as well as other forms of public transportation, make it simple to get from one location to another. Mumbai*s roads and highways are rapidly modernizing, luring many investors and NRI to purchase real estate there.

One name and company making a significant impact, difference and customer driven with more than 20 years professional rich experience in Mumbai and globally is Dubai Real Estate House 53 - Founded by Mr Abbas E Saria catering to customers* needs in Mumbai, Dubai, Cyprus and Greece .It is one of the best real estate agencies in Mumbai as they are simple, transparent, honest and have a dedicated unit to help their customers in purchasing the ideal property at the ideal price.

Although you don*t have to look beyond Dubai Real Estate House 53 for your real estate needs however if you are still looking for more options then here is a list of the best real estate agencies in Mumbai that can help you buy properties:

Here is a list of the best real estate agencies in Mumbai that can help you buy properties:

Hope that this concise list of the best real estate agencies in Mumbai will be helpful to both homebuyers looking to purchase their ideal homes in the dream city of Mumbai and real estate investors looking to maximize their investment by capitalizing on the burgeoning future growth of the city.

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