What is the Role of Fractional General Counsel?

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A corporate attorney can be an in-house counsel, a full-time employee with a pay and benefits package, or an outside counsel who works independently.

The phrase "fractional general counsel" (GC), as it refers to a senior attorney with extensive experience and a broad skill set who feels at ease in a hands-on leadership capacity, is becoming increasingly common in the legal sector. A fractional general counsel can enter an early-stage corporation and give top-level commercial counsel to the board, especially if there is no existing senior legal resource. They can identify potential hazards, new difficulties, and places that may require more legal assistance.

Professionals of all stripes are reinventing their ideal workplaces in the new era of contemporary work. There is an increasing need for "fractional executives," or seasoned C-suite experts with outstanding career histories who are ready to take on strategic high-level jobs on a part-time or project basis as businesses cut costs and rethink their legal staffing.

A Fractional General Counsel

To begin with, the law company handles several clients at once. Every client is either on an hourly basis or has a retainer with the legal practice. You can consult the lawyer for legal guidance and assistance you require once you've paid the agreed-upon sum. The services of a fractional general counsel are available to everybody. Depending on your needs - limited liability, non-profit, or individual clients - you can decide on a fixed service price or an hourly rate. Your legal needs' type and frequency will determine this.

The Role of Fractional General Counsel

A corporate attorney can be an in-house counsel, a full-time employee with a pay and benefits package, or an outside counsel who works independently. There are various payment plans for outside counsel, including hourly, flat, retainer, and combo plans. Usually used for a single, clearly defined project, flat fee agreements require payment in advance at a predetermined cost for the work completion.


The fractional general counsel is impartial, unlike senior members of the management team and in-house staff. Their advice is devoid of prejudice or "office politics," and their views are based on the best legal logic and commercial sense. To guarantee that you have an unbiased, truthful, and reliable voice at the table, you should bring your fractional general counsel to the Board of Directors and other C-Suite meetings.

Easy Uncoupling.

Divorcing an employee may be difficult and costly if done incorrectly. Fractional general counsel may help you with risk-mitigation techniques and employment-related matters, but you never have to worry about their getting fired. You may end the relationship with them as a contractual professional and not have to worry about employment insurance claims, litigation, NDAs, or severance payments.

Greater expertise.

Fractional general counsel inevitably covers a greater variety of professional areas because they work with many corporations. It provides your company with access to knowledgeable legal counsel on the best various legal issues, such as workplace safety, data/privacy law, insurance, civil litigation, intellectual property, government contract protests, and employment law. It can help you avoid paying more for an outside lawyer for matters that frequently fall beyond the purview of in-house general counsel.


Flexible engagement models are offered by FGCs. They can adjust to your demands whether you need them for a one-time job, a few hours each week, or continuously. Numerous FGCs bring a lot of experience from their varied industry and businesses of employment. This extensive background might offer new insights and strategies to address your legal issues.

Direct Links.

Competent experts are aware of other qualified experts. You may expand your professional network with a verified and reliable connection of a fractional general counsel. Discount the services in different industries, including finance and insurance.

Decreased Indirect Costs

Steer clear of supplementary expenses like office space, perks, and training that come with employing a full-time worker. The legal competence is all that you pay for when working with a fractional general counsel. Having a legal expert at your side can help you avoid potential pitfalls in the constantly shifting world of business rules, ensuring that your company is always compliant and lowering the possibility of expensive errors.


You may concentrate on running your company daily by using fractional general counsel. You may focus on keeping your ship sailing correctly while your general counsel handles contracts, legal issues, and regulatory compliance.

Individualised Legal Assistance.

In contrast to simple outsourcing, your fractional general counsel is familiar with your business and its goals. They may tailor their time and services to your specific demands by acting as a true partner and extension of your business. You may direct their attention to the appropriate areas or ask them to utilise their knowledge to decide.


Fractional GC services have emerged as a game-changing alternative for startups and small enterprises, ushering in a new era of proactiveness, efficiency, agility, and strategic legal help, even for early-stage companies. Companies may put themselves in a position to confidently overcome legal and business obstacles and advance their endeavours toward more excellent long-term success by embracing this revolutionary approach to legal competence. When difficult legal issues get proactively handled with grace and compassion, significantly accelerates sustainable growth.

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