Bhagyashree Birthday 2024: The actress' workout routine is all you need to up your fitness level

Do you know Bhagyashree's workout routine? It's the ultimate fitness inspiration you need to take your workout game to the next level! And guess what? She's turning a year older in 2024. So, let's get ready to celebrate her birthday by sweating it out with her workout tips!

Updated On: 2024-02-23 04:41 PM IST

Compiled by : Tuhina Upadhyay

Source/Bhagyashree's Instagram

Bhagyashree is a fitness enthusiast and nutritionist who is adept at maintaining an active lifestyle and ensuring her well-being.

Her Instagram account is filled with posts and videos that focus on life, health, and the benefits of activities like exercising, proper nutrition, and yoga in overcoming various health challenges. 

The mother of two frequently showcases age-defying exercises and imparts valuable tips to her fans and followers, detailing how these practices have contributed to her overall well-being throughout the years.

If you're not exercising like Bhagyashree, consider adding more cardio to your fitness routine.

Bhagyashree says, "A legworkout is more than just squats and lunges, which primarily focus on the quads n hamstrings. It has to target the glutes, calf muscles and ankles. Simple exercises like these and improve your blood circulation, increasing mobility and flexibility along with strengthening. Integrate atleast some of them into your routine for stretching at least."

The actress believes in 'Back walking'. Bhagyashree believes, "Backward walking is a must do at least for 10mins thrice a week. It helps take off stress from your knees, balancing the muscles of your hamstrings and quads. It also works on your shin muscles.. something we rarely concentrate on. Walking by itself is known to improve your cognitive abilities, but this also makes sure that new nuerons are produced (sic.)"

To help with hip mobility, Bhagyashree says, "Hip mobility can be a challenge due to various factors like age, sedentary lifestyle and even C-section and pregnancy. Scarred tissue often creates problems in mobility if not addressed in time. My C-sections happened a long while ago and I had no knowledge of this years ago (sic.)"

She continues, "Certain easy asaanas or even a basic squat is a difficulty for me. So when @mr.yashpatel told me to work on hip mobility first.. I was all game. I now do about 3 sets of 10 reps each to mobilize those lax muscles. Do try this workout..(sic.)"

If you're feeling the urge to skip leg day, stop! Bhagyashree says, "If legworkout is something you find boring, this is one exercise that works on your #glutes #quads #hamstrings #calfmuscles #ankles together. It improves your #balance, #stability and #strength. Try this and feel your legs getting stronger and leaner (sic.)"

Bhagyashree reinforces the belief that working out can come in different forms, she says, "I am always ready to learn new things, even if I can't get them right. Its fun, it's interesting, its entertaining and keeps me young and active.. both physically and mentally. Its always good to try, even if you fail, even if you can't get it right.. the spirit is to go on & on (sic.)"

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