Dil Dosti Dilemma to Deliver Me, latest OTT releases to watch this week!

Latest OTT releases to watch this week: It's that time of the week again when we bring you the freshest updates from the world of over-the-top (OTT) entertainment. The next seven days are packed with a delightful mix of movies and TV shows that promise to satisfy all your binge-watching cravings. So, grab your popcorn, and let's dive into the exciting lineup.

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Dil Dosti Dilemma (April 25, Prime Video)
Experience the heartwarming tale of Asmara in "Dil Dosti Dilemma," inspired by Andaleeb Wajid's novel. Follow Asmara as she navigates life in her grandparents' community, embarking on a journey of self-discovery amidst new friendships, romance, and valuable life lessons.

The Beekeeper (April 26, Lionsgate Play)
Brace yourself for intense action in "The Beekeeper," featuring Jason Statham as retired member Adam Clay of the secret group known as the Beekeepers. Join Clay on a relentless quest for revenge against cybercriminals involved in a phishing scam, as he confronts moral dilemmas and sacrifices in the pursuit of justice.

Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story (April 26, Disney+ Hotstar)
Delve into the legendary rock band Bon Jovi's journey in "Thank You, Goodnight," a four-part docuseries chronicling their rise to international superstardom. From humble beginnings in New Jersey to global acclaim, the series offers an intimate exploration of the band's triumphs, struggles, and enduring legacy.

The Asunta Case (April 26, Netflix)
Experience the chilling true story of Asunta Yong Fang Basterra's disappearance and murder in "The Asunta Case." As investigators delve into the disturbing saga, suspicion falls on her parents, unraveling a tale of deception and betrayal that captivated Spain in 2013.

Goodbye Earth (April 26, Netflix)
Witness the tumultuous lives of the inhabitants of Woongcheon City in "Goodbye Earth," where an asteroid threatens to devastate the planet. Join Jin Se-kyung, a middle school teacher, as she grapples with personal tragedy while striving to safeguard the future of the children in her charge. Set against a backdrop of societal collapse and moral dilemmas, this series explores themes of survival, hope, and resilience.

Dead Boy Detectives (April 25, Netflix)
Embark on spooky adventures with "Dead Boy Detectives," following the ghostly duo Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland as they solve supernatural mysteries in the living world. Joined by their psychic ally Crystal and her friend Niko, they confront unresolved issues from their former lives while unraveling enigmas that plague both the living and the dead.

City Hunter (April 25, Netflix)
Dive into the vibrant district of Shinjuku in Tokyo with "City Hunter," a Japanese live-action reimagining of the iconic manga. Join Ryo Saeba, a talented hitman, and his ally Kaori Makimura as they unravel the mystery surrounding her brother's death. As they navigate the labyrinth of the city's mysteries, they encounter danger, intrigue, and unexpected revelations.

The Big Door Prize Season 2 (April 24, Apple TV+)
Return to the quaint town of Deerfield in the second season of "The Big Door Prize," where the mysterious Morpho machine continues to shape the lives of residents by revealing their ultimate life possibilities. Follow characters like Dusty Hubbard as they confront transformative challenges sparked by the machine's insights, navigating shifts in relationships, careers, and core beliefs in pursuit of a brighter future.

Briganti (April 23, Netflix)
Prepare to journey into the chaotic world of Southern Italy in the mid-19th century with "Briganti." Centered around Filomena, a peasant on a quest for treasure, this series promises a thrilling adventure filled with love, rebellion, and heroism. Join Filomena and the enigmatic bounty hunter Sparviero as they navigate the treacherous forests and bandit-ridden landscapes of Italy in search of the mythical Red Shirts’ Gold.

Deliver Me (April 24, Netflix)
Explore the grim realities of a crime-infested small town in Sweden with "Deliver Me." Through the eyes of Billy and Dogge, viewers are immersed in a world where childhood friendships are tested by external forces, highlighting the failures of a society to protect its most vulnerable members. As tensions rise and violence surges, the narrative delves into themes of accountability, justice, and the possibility of redemption.

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