Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: How influencers welcomed Bappa into their homes this festive season

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: The festive excitement has gripped these digital content creators. As Leisha Patidar, Shivani Kapila (LittleGlove), Nikhil Paralikar (The Tabla Guy), Vrushali Jawale, Devishi Madaan, Prasad Vidhate, Adit Minocha, and Mrunal Divekar have shown, Ganesh Chaturthi is more than just a festival; it's a time to strengthen family bonds and embrace sustainability.

Updated On: 2023-09-26 11:53 AM IST

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For Leisha Patidar, the five days of Ganpati's presence at home are a highlight of her year. 

Leisha shares her excitement and says, "The festival of Ganpati has always been special to me. The five days when I get Bappa at home are the best five days of the year for me! This year, I wanted my setup to enhance the idol I chose along with the work done on it. The setup is in the shape of a white moon with lights to make it look more divine! Like every year, I just wish to celebrate in the most peaceful and devotional way."

For Muskan Chanchlani, Ganesh Chaturthi has always held a special place in her heart. It's a time when memories of family gatherings and joyous celebrations come flooding back.

She said, "Ganesh Chaturthi has always been my favourite time of the year! Growing up, we would have a big Ganpati in our multiplex in Ulhasnagar. I remember my cousins and I would get in the truck when we would go for the Visarjan and have our own little party with vada pav and chips in the back of the truck. We stopped keeping big Ganpati idols during COVID-19 and soon enough moved to Bombay. We still keep a small eco-friendly Ganpati at our old home in Ulhasnagar. Even though it’s not a big truck or a party, the entire Chanchlani family still comes back to our old home to do the Visarjan in our bungalow’s garden. "

Vrushali Jawale's love for Ganesh Chaturthi transcends borders. Studying abroad in London, she feared missing this cherished festival.

She states, "Ganesh Chaturthi has been a very special festival for me since my childhood. I went to London for further education after attending last year’s Ganpati festival, and I was feeling so sad that I won’t be able to attend it next year. However, thankfully that didn’t happen and Bappa called me to India for this year as well. I flew back to India to surprise everyone and that was very special."

This year, Devishi Madaan and her best friend took charge of the Ganpati decoration. The process was tiring but fulfilling.

She shares the process with Mid-day and says, "One big change, this year, was the decoration that we did as it was done by my best friend and me. The whole process was so tiring yet fulfilling! It was such a great feeling when everyone liked it, it’s not something money could ever buy. Bringing eco-friendly Ganpati idols has been my favourite thing for the past few years, making it feel more authentic and grounded."

For musician Nikhil Paralikar, Lord Ganesha's connection with music is profound. Ganesha's affinity for musical instruments, particularly the tabla and the flute, resonates deeply with him.

"Music plays a pivotal role in expressing devotion to Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha, is often depicted with musical instruments, particularly the tabla and the flute, symbolizing his affinity for music. Lord Ganesha is said to be the source and inspiration for all forms of music. This is so because the scriptures say that it is he who channelizes the vibrations of the universe and its musical rhythms. My passion for music instantly drives me towards Lord Ganesha and every Ganesh Chaturthi feels close to my heart." he mentions

Adit Minocha echoes the sentiment of embracing family values during Ganesh Chaturthi. He says, "To make this festive season more special, I have created a playlist of devotional songs and traditional music. I am staying with my parents to celebrate the festival so that I get to spend more quality time with them. I helped them with the decorations as we divided the work amongst ourselves. The focus is on creating cherished moments and strengthening the bond within families during this festive season. This year my aim is to celebrate in a way that respects nature and promotes sustainability as well."

Mrunal Divekar chose to reconnect with tradition through food. She dedicated her Ganesh Chaturthi to learning traditional recipes.

She says, "I made my Ganesh Chaturthi special by learning our traditional recipes. This time I actively participated in activities and realised that festivals are not about new things but about learning and keeping our traditions alive so that we can pass them on to the next generations. Festivals are an opportunity for us to reconnect with our roots and preserve the rich cultural heritage that has been passed down through generations. This year, I am fostering a sense of community and belonging. Let us continue to cherish and celebrate our traditions, ensuring they remain alive for future generations to enjoy."

Shivani Kapila's Ganesh Chaturthi celebration was a beautiful family affair. 

She states, "This Ganesh Chaturthi we made sure that the entire family including my father-in-law got involved in welcoming Ganesha. Together we made his aasan, bhog and got dressed up to welcome him. It turned out to be a beautiful family moment. Also, we made sure to bring a Ganesha idol made of ‘mitti’ instead of POP to have an environment-friendly celebration."

Prasad Vidhate, a well-known digital content creator, stepped up to the plate this year by taking charge of the Ganpati decorations. " I took charge of the decoration myself and completed it in three days. Additionally, working on this project kept me away from my phone for an extended period, which I found to be a much-needed break, almost like meditation."

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