Kajol Birthday 2023: Her hilarious Instagram captions that will leave you LOL-ing

Step into the world of laughter with Kajol's Instagram antics! Explore this side-splitting photo gallery showcasing her witty and humorous captions that never fail to tickle funny bones. Get ready to LOL your way through her posts!

Updated On: 2023-09-10 10:45 PM IST

Compiled by : Tuhina Upadhyay


To the OG clothes horse… The best dressed and kindest man around @apnabhidu

This gallery is all about Kajol's Instagram comedy chronicles!

Many would think I’m singing an opera ( not the ones who have heard me sing obviously 

Before we work on artificial intelligence why don't we do something about natural stupidity 

Roses are Red
Pizza sauce is too
I ordered a LARGE
And none of it is for you 

Who’s the clown
Who’s the saviour?
———— Stay with me

By Margaret Glaspy

I have only two moods- I either talk & talk & talk or sometimes I don't even say 'bye' while cutting the call.

B is for Bold
L is for Lazily lovely
A is for Aal is Well
C is for Cccooooofffeeee
K is for (Kajol)"

Cranky, Cross, Cramped, Conditioned, Coping, Camping, Christmases, Coupled, Counting, Cool. Which one goes where? Hmmm... Are there 9 or 10? Am I Confused?

Saree, check! Sass, check! Looking back and causing a stir, double-check!

Expectation Vs 


AI and me… any guesses who I look like 
(The answer is in the person who’s tagged)
There are too many eye rolls and not enough emojis…

So much fun on this set.. and all the small memories. Akshay boasting about his cooking skills and finally making us a simple but amazing Dal. Having to walk nearly 1.5 km uphill in the dark in the snow because the car got spoilt at the bottom of the hill and our hotel was at the top and NO CELLPHONES! Riding a horse in an itsy bitsy skirt and thinking my hat would at least cover my face!!! #Saif and me laughing our heads off when we were shooting hothon pe bas and #Sarojji wanting to shoot us instead of the film. Reemaji playing my mother for the first time and sitting and playing cards with her on set. Manish and me doing the trials and #Yashji giving his approval in the middle of trying to give us something to eat.. It’s not the film you remember so much as what you were feeling at the time..
#29YearsOfYehDillagi  PS:- Oops Reemajis first film with me 

"These are a few of my favourite things:

1- Watching the rain with a (cup of coffee) in my hand. And a book in the other .

2- Laughing and eating with my loved ones.

3-  Knitting to a beat.
4- Walking with my music knowing I am completely safe and never lost.

5- Completing my checklist for the day and knowing that I did it MY WAY!
6- Watching my random advice take root and make a difference in someone.
7- Being blessed by my elders.

Warning: This selfie may cause excessive double-tapping….. including mine (by mistake offcourse)

"I might look like I'm okay but deep inside I'm thinking

"if I want Butter Chicken or Chicken Biryani"

"Wear White Rules-

- Do not eat anything.

- Do not drink anything besides a sip or two of just plain water.

- Do not go into a crowd of people who may be eating or drinking something.

- In other words wear it at home for 20 mins click a picture and CHANGE! 

Decided to be my own hero today off the red carpet and on it!

Inspiration from the all time red carpet heroes

Idea :- mine
Outfit :- Manish malhotra
Execution :- Radhika Mehra
Watch :- my husbands 

When you get the Timeless Style Icon- Female Award

and you can’t smile because your hair is too tight!!!  (only smiling on emoji)

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