TGIKS: From VicKat's V-day plans to Kaushal brothers' childhood hijinks, best moments from the latest episode

The latest episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show was an absolute treat, featuring everything from Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif's romantic Valentine's Day plans to hilarious childhood tales of the Kaushal brothers. You won't want to miss a single moment of the entertainment!

Updated On: 2024-04-21 04:11 PM IST

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The Great Indian Kapil Show

In a recent episode of 'The Great Indian Kapil Show,' the Kaushal Brothers shared some funny stories from their childhood. From Sunny's mishap of falling into a gutter to Vicky's comical encounter with his parents, the audience was in stitches with laughter.

The brothers had some really funny stories from when they were kids. Vicky and Sunny shared some of their childhood habits and talked about moments with their family.

Childhood memories of entertaining guests with coordinated dances
Sunny Kaushal shared, "We used to dance in front of our guests. In childhood, we used to participate in the building's cultural programs, so we used to participate and prepare coordinated dances on medleys. So between 26th January and the next, we would showcase our previous performances to our guests, together in the hall."

Vicky Kaushal on fashion and sibling rivalry
Vicky Kaushal spilled the beans and shared, "Between us, Sunny has the most knowledge about fashion. I have no clue on what to wear. I always follow Sunny on what he is wearing, and what is currently trending. "

He continued, "We both have the same height so I often take clothes from him, our wardrobes are double. In childhood, we used to fight a lot for all of this, like for remote, clothes and all."

Kaushal brothers reflect on childhood hijinks
The brothers shared that they both got punished by their parents when they were kids. Their mom was pretty strict and still is. Their dad, on the other hand, only gave out punishments on 3-4 big occasions every year. Those few times of getting in trouble are the ones they'll always remember.

Vicky and Sunny spill the beans on each other's hidden talents
When Vicky was questioned about Sunny's secret skills, he mentioned that Sunny has a knack for cooking, writing songs, and poetry, making him a well-rounded talent. Sunny, on the other hand, observed that Vicky sings with great passion, despite not having formal training.

Sunny's gutter adventures
Vicky Kaushal remembered their childhood days in the chawl, where their dad used to go out every morning to buy bread. Sunny always insisted on going with him, but he had a habit of wandering off and sometimes ending up in the gutter. 

V-day tales with the Kaushal bros
Kapil asked Vicky about his Valentine's Day celebrations before and after marriage, to which Vicky responded that the focus has always been on spending quality time together. 

Kapil then playfully teased Sunny about whether Valentine's Day was only on February 14th or every day, to which Sunny humorously replied that every day feels like February 14th. Vicky added with a laugh that Sunny didn't need a response, as he had already delivered the punchline.

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