Row over Oppenheimer scene references Bhagavad Gita

2023-07-24 02:45 PM IST

Christopher Nolan`s epic film `Oppenheimer` has captivated audiences throughout India, but it has also stirred controversy due to a particular scene referencing the Bhagavad Gita. Uday Mahurkar, the Founder of Save Culture Save India Foundation and Central Information Commissioner, has expressed strong protest against the scene. In an open letter addressed to Christopher Nolan, Mahurkar voiced his concerns, stating that while it`s commendable to showcase Oppenheimer`s inspiration from the Gita, the inserted scene depicting him in an intimate moment with his girlfriend and reciting shlokas from the sacred text is unrelated to reality and an insult to the Gita. He emphasized the book`s significance for the world and the need to respect Hindu sentiments. Mahurkar`s foundation has called for the removal of the scene and threatened further action if their plea is disregarded.

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