In Photos: BTS V serves 'boyfriend coded' pictures ahead of 'Fri(end)s' release

Recently, BTS member V shared some super cute and romantic photos ahead of the release of their new song Fri(end)s. These photos are so adorable and show off V's playful side. ARMYs are going wild for them! Plus, they're full of "boyfriend-coded" vibes that will make your heart flutter. Don't miss out on these must-see photos!

Updated On: 2024-03-14 05:01 PM IST

Compiled by : Tuhina Upadhyay

Source/bts.bighitofficial and THV on Instagarm

BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung, is currently serving in the military, so he's out of the public eye for now.

But even with his absence, he's still making waves on social media. The Korean pop sensation's team has been releasing pictures of V ahead of the release of 'Fri(end)s'

Before dropping the song, he shared some new photos from a concept shoot, and fans are loving it.  Even describing it as 'boyfriend coded'

 In the pics, V is seen rocking some edgy looks. A departure from his usual 'soft boy' aesthetic

Serving grunge looks on a platter, V is seen lounging in a leather jacket as he focuses on the camera

One pic shows him in London, sporting a cool black jacket, white tee, blue jeans, stylish shoes, headphones, and a colorful scarf.

The concept photos show V in different settings: wearing headphones, blowing smoke, pouting and much more

Leaning into a more formal aesthetic, V is seen looking suave in a classic black suit. The singer has a forlorn look that makes one believe that the song is surely going to break some hearts

V recently hit a big milestone with over 300 million streams on Spotify for all four of his solo songs.

He debuted solo with his album 'Layover' and dropped two tracks: 'Love Me Again' and 'Slow Dancing.' The other two songs that hit 300 million streams are 'Christmas Tree' and 'Sweet Night,' which were featured in K-dramas.

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