Kartik Naidu a young dynamic spiritualist who is an inspiration to many.

22 April,2021 04:34 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

A unique blend of Ancient Yogic practices and modern science, Kartik Naidu is a Celebrity Transpersonal Therapist & Healer. He works with many well know Bollywood personalities as well as some leading business families of India and Dubai.

Kartik Naidu

A thorough gentleman hailing from Humble background, Kartik got Initiated into Spiritual process at the age of 13 by Spiritual Master who was a scientist at NASA before he got realised. He trained many years under his master until a more profound awakening followed through when he met his second Guru who was a Himalyan Yogi. This guru came from an ancient yogic lineage of the great sages Matsyendra Nath and his discipline Gorakhnath. The Himalyan yogi initiated Kartik to the Advait Sadhna or the meditation of Non duality. This is where he learned the hidden secrets of the mind and the deeper dimensions within it. Mind is the most powerful force in the human experience as it has the ability to make you believe unreal things real said Naidu.

Kartik has helped heal thousands of people through his past life regression workshops and therapy, and says it's his whole purpose of existence. He holds charitable workshops for young women at Tihar Jail and has worked with many Rape survivors. Naidu says healing and self growth is not just for the privileged it's a birth right for all individuals irrespective of their gender, social or financial status. "Being human is such a magnificent phenomenon, to feel the intensity of love and compassion for oneself others is the greatest gift to mankind and It makes me immense sad when I see people in misery feeling helpless, if only they realised the power of being human" and it gives me great pleasure to help people heal themselves get closer to their truer self become whole & complete" Says Naidu.

He has helped heal and reverse many severe psychosomatic disorders like Anxiety, OCD BI-Polar and depression, which modern psychiatry has not been able to get their hands around. "All disorders are fundamentally Energy disturbances, and once you balance those energies and remove the psychic impressions which cause dissonance in people's lives they can be healed live a life of fulfilment and joy " Says Naidu. Not limiting to just disorders Kartik specialises in Clinical diseases, Relationship Healing and Healing financial and career blocks.

Transpersonal Therapy is a really a holistic way to creating a beautiful happy life and mid-day team wishesh Kartik Naidu great success in his future endeavours.

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