IN PHOTOS: Transform your interiors with this elegant music player collection

The collection by Anemos’ Music Players comprises a variety of music players with sleek designs and advanced touch-sensitive interfaces that help you to effortlessly navigate diverse playlists

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Big Size Ball Jukebox includes a Bluetooth function, FM PII radio, USB/SD slot function, line out function, aux function and an MP3 plastic box for devices like iPod or iPhone. The seven-color changing LED lights system adds a vibrant ambiance to the music experience 

Full Size 7-color changing LED Jukebox is available in a new style with a CD player. It has an MP3 Function, PII Fm Radio Function, USB/SD Function, Bluetooth function and a 3-speed Turntable which is located in half round window record function by USB/SD. The exquisite feature of this is the 7-colour changing LED tube lighting which can be controlled by a full-function remote control

CR-150 Radio is an AM/FM radio that operates on diverse frequencies from AM's MW530-1600KHz to FM 88-108MHz, capturing the essence of timeless radio broadcasting. With a built-in Ferrite Bar for AM and an FM pigtail antenna, signal reception is optimized for crystal-clear audio.It has

a modest power consumption of 9W which makes it energy-efficient as well as versatile. The powerful 5W*2 speakers deliver a dynamic range of frequencies from 20 to 20,000Hz, ensuring a rich auditory experience

Horn is an acoustic classical-style aluminum horn that combines vintage charm with modern technology. It features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming, a 3.5mm aux-in jack for audio input, and a DC power adaptor. It comes with built-in speakers, including a tweeter with a frequency range of 3KHz-20KHz and an output power of 3W, and a sackbut with a frequency range of 50Hz-3KHz and an output power of 7W. This player delivers a rich and powerful sound experience

The Phonograph CD Jukebox is a dream come true for music lovers who have limited space for a classic jukebox. It features premium quality speakers for crystal clear sound and modern features like Bluetooth connectivity and AM/FM radio

TR-W286 is a Vertical Style Turntable offering three-speed options (33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM) and an automatic stop feature. The USB Flash Drive Memory Reader, accommodating up to 32GB, allowing convenient storage and playback. Embrace the freedom of wireless audio streaming via the Bluetooth receiver, offering a range of 10 meters. Powered by a 12V 1A adapter, it strikes the perfect chord between performance and energy efficiency, with a modest power consumption of 12W

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