Weaving fashion into love: How couples can sport coordinated outfits

14 September,2023 09:33 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Aakanksha Ahire

Numerous Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity couples, including the likes of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh and Beyoncé and Jay-Z, often showcase their style with coordinated outfits that inspire us to do the same. To enhance your fashion quotient as a couple and inject some excitement into your relationship, we`re here to offer styling tips

Dressing alike is not just restricted to clothing but goes much beyond that. Photo Courtesy: iStock

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Call it cringe, but most couples enjoy wearing coordinated outfits. We often spot celebrity couples sporting a coordinated look on various occasions. From wearing the same colour to using the same prints, celebrity couples stepping out looking fashion-coordinated set cute couple goals for many.

Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity couples, including the likes of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z dress up alike and sport coordinated elements from time to time.

With celebrity influence pervading every part of our lives, more couples today are investing efforts to look cool and coordinated during social events and family functions. Coordinated fashion for many couples is like making a romantic fashion statement that screams, ‘We are a team.' Not only is it a playful way to display a connection between you and your partner but also adds to the fun.

Shanice Shrestha and Nikhil Sharma sporting coordinated festive wear (Left) and sporty attire (Right)

One of the internet's favourite couples and digital content creators, Nikhil Sharma and Shanice Shrestha, who tied the knot in 2021, enjoy coordinating their looks, especially for family occasions and festivals. Shrestha says, "Dressing alike lets me and Nikhil add a bit of our romance to fashion. We mostly choose to colour-coordinate or match prints/designs for occasions. On days when we don't feel like it, we pick outfits for each other. That too makes dressing up as a couple fun and exciting."

Sharing similar feelings, Sharma who is also one of India's popular moto vloggers, adds, "For Shanice and me, dressing up is more about comfort. For every special occasion, I ask Shanice to pick an outfit because I think she makes better choices for me." While the couple enjoys coordinating their outfits, they also ensure to give each other the liberty to wear different outfits to prevent ‘dressing together' from becoming monotonous.

If you too are one of those who enjoy coordinating looks with your partner, here are some easy and sassy styling tips as shared by
fashion influencers.

"Dressing alike creates a sense of togetherness," says Yashi Tank, fashion influencer and content creator. It is a great way to strengthen the bond and express shared interests in fashion and style.

Suraj Pal Singh, another fashion influencer, entrepreneur and digital content creator, who in collaboration with Tank makes videos suggesting styling tips for couples, says, "My partner and I love dressing alike because it's a unique way for us to express our feelings. Fashion has always been a passion for both of us and by coordinating our outfits, we not only showcase our personal style but also demonstrate the strong bond of friendship that we share."

Understanding coordinated fashion for couples
"It's all about finding ways to complement each other's style and create a cohesive look," says Tank. Dressing alike is not just restricted to clothing but goes much beyond that. Couples can coordinate their accessories, such as matching jewellery, shoes or even hairstyles.

"Some may also choose to synchronise their overall looks, including makeup and grooming, to create a more comprehensive coordinated appearance. The key is to express the bond you share through a shared style - this can manifest in various creative ways beyond clothing," adds Singh.

Sometimes, choosing to go with completely different styles based on the same theme also looks great. For instance, a couple can choose to go retro, with one partner wearing a vintage-inspired dress and the other wearing a retro suit.

Styling tips to sport a casual look
Heading out for dinner with friends or packing for a weekend getaway, casuals can never go out of style. A casual look usually embraces coordinating colours and textures of the outfit. You can choose to pair a similar coloured bottom with a similar textured and coloured top or t-shirt.

Tank's suggestion:

You can try a white knitted crop top embellished with pearls and pair it with brown trousers. To compliment my outfit, we had Suraj wear a white knitted round neck T-shirt pairing it with brown trousers. I accessorised the outfit with golden jewellery while Suraj chose silver accessories. We completed our look with a white bag for myself and white coloured Y2K sunglasses for Suraj.

Singh's suggestion:

I recommend wearing the same outfits but also standing out from each other by going with different styles. As shown above, Yashi is wearing a simple printed pink dress with brown sandals while I have worn a shirt with the same print and colour and have paired it up with white trousers and white sneakers.

Styling tips to sport a formal look

Tank's suggestion:

For a formal look, it is always fun to colour-coordinate and add different patterns to enhance your look and break monotony. As shown above, I am wearing a jumpsuit in black with a ruffled neckline to accentuate the look while Suraj can be seen wearing a striped black suit with a white vest. Wearing the same colour makes us look colour-coordinated but by adding different elements and themes to the fabric our looks also stand apart from each other, making for a perfect couple fashion look.

Singh's suggestion:

Styling a pantsuit can lead to a powerful coordinated look. In the above image, Yashi can be seen wearing an overall white power suit with a skin-shaded tank top inside and similar-tone footwear. On the other hand, to break the monotony, I am wearing a blue pantsuit with a belt cinching my waist. I have teamed it with a white vest and shoes to coordinate the elements with Yashi.

Some other ways to style a perfect couple's look

1. Casual chic
Coordinate your outfits with matching denim jackets and white sneakers for a trendy and effortless look.

2. Classic elegance
Dress up in complementing black and white outfits. For example, opt for a sleek black suit for him and a black or white dress for her.

3. Sporty vibes
Don matching athleisure outfits with coordinated colours and sporty sneakers for a fun and active look.

4. Boho look
Embrace the bohemian style with flowy maxi dresses for her and a linen shirt and khaki pants for him. Add some floral accessories for a romantic touch.

5. Something cosy and cute
Stay cosy in matching oversized sweaters and leggings/tracks. Wear matching beanies and scarves for a cute and comfy look.

6. Beach clothing
You can opt for tropical prints or pastel colours. Flowy dresses for her and linen shirts for him would work great. Don't forget matching sunglasses and flip-flops.

7. Festive look
She can wear a beautiful flowing floral Indian saree or salwar suit and he can wear a matching-coloured kurta pyjama set (prints don't have to be the focus here as long as the colour scheme is similar.)

If dressing alike still gives you the cringe and yet makes you want to give it a shot, solely to make your partner happy, here are a few things you can try

1. Rings
Choose matching or complementary rings that reflect your personal style. It could be a similar metal or design element. This can also be a symbol of shared love.

2. Sunglasses
Coordinate your sunglasses by choosing frames in similar colours or styles. It adds a cool and cohesive vibe to your overall look.

3. Bandanas and hats
Tie bandanas around your wrists, necks or even on bags. Opt for coordinated colours or patterns. You can also sport similar coloured hats/caps carrying cool or cute wordings on them.

4. Watches
These remain to be a classic. Wear watches that have similar aesthetics, such as matching leather straps, metallic finishes or dials. It's the most subtle way to coordinate your accessories.

5. Statement pieces
Pick statement accessories like bold necklaces and bracelets that reflect a similar theme or style.

6. Footwear
Coordinated footwear, such as matching sneakers, boots or even socks can be a subtle way to sync your styles.

While dressing alike can be truly exciting, whether one enjoys it or not depends from couple to couple. Some couples love the idea of matching outfits, while others prefer to express their individuality through their own unique styles. Ultimately, it's all about what makes you and your partner feel comfortable and confident.

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