World Environment Day 2023: Here's how you can adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle with upcycled fashion

Upcycled fashion is the creative re-using of a discarded material into a new product of higher value than the original. Ahead of World Environment Day 2023, founder of an ethical lifestyle brand shares tips to look fashionable in an environment-friendly way

Updated On: 2023-06-04 02:59 PM IST

Compiled by : Aakanksha Ahire

Upcycled fashion helps divert waste products & materials from the landfill, challenges over-consumption and drives consumers towards conscious consumption. Photo Courtesy: Refash

Akanksha Kaila, founder of Refash, a lifestyle platform for upcycled fashion and interior products says, “Use your creativity to mend garments that have stained or are torn by using natural food dyes like beetroot to dye garments or using thread work to create a pattern where a garment is torn. Buy from upcycling brands who are creating fashion and accessories out of waste.” Photo Courtesy: Refash

Upcycling is as easy as finding an old dupatta from your mom’s wardrobe and making it into a kaftan! It’s all about seeing possibilities where others would see waste. Fashion is about the expression of personal style, seeing what’s on trend and flaunting the “new”. When you create an upcycled piece for yourself or shop for upcycled products, you wear something that is unique, something no one else would have, hence ticking the boxes to stand out in a crowd. Photo Courtesy: Refash

You can incorporate upcycling in the kitchen too, for example, the pulp of fruits after juicing can be used to make flavoured ice cubes, added to popsicles or even used to make fruit leather. Fruit peels can be used to create homemade scrubs and face masks that are both chemical and toxin-free. Photo Courtesy: Refash

Get creative using automobile materials. Car seats of old cars can be used as furniture pieces and decor items in your homes. Even tyres can be turned into coffee tables by simply placing a glass on top of it or a piece of wood. Photo Courtesy: Refash

In a handy tip to make a conscious purchase, Kaila suggests to beware of brands that only claim to be eco-friendly. She says, “The only way to know if a brand is truly following environment-friendly practices is by asking the right questions and doing in-depth research about the brand’s practices. You can also follow industry leaders who talk about the best practices brands must follow, and look beyond labels and examine the policies behind the products.” Photo Courtesy: Refash

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