Hootie Reviews: Is Hootie Personal Safety Alarm Worth My Money?

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Ultimate women`s security will restore any woman`s confidence while walking alone.


Every woman needs a personal security alarm that could help them confidently go anywhere alone without the fear of being abused by men. Hootie, in this case, is a personal alarm for women that will help them safely work anywhere without the fear of harassment. There is no doubt that most women suffer from all kinds of abuse, especially sexual harassment. What will they do in this kind of situation?

Many women are afraid of working alone simply because they feel insecure when nobody is working with them. This is very true. Should they be blamed? The answer is NO. Come to think of how women are being harassed and abused daily. Think about how these abused women go through lifetime pain simply because they feel they have lost their womanhood. It is never good to blame any lady who is afraid to work alone no matter how you think such a woman can protect herself.

As much as there is nothing like Hootie with them, it is then assumed that there is basically no security for such women. Yes, this is very true. Obviously, many women claim they are strong enough to protect themselves, but the question is, can you defend yourself against four men?

Today, we are introducing to you an ultimate women*s security that will restore any woman*s confidence while walking alone. The name is "Hootie." Many people may not have heard about it before, but you can read this Hootie reviews to find out everything about this personal security device specially designed for women.

Hootie: The Ultimate Personal Security Alarm For Women

There are a lot of ways women can be safe while walking alone. Most women resort to walking with their partners, but the problem is, will your partner always be there anytime you want him? The answer is NO. Your partner will never be there anytime you want him just to guide you. This can never be possible. A lot of women have suffered from this many a time where their partners are not with them only for them to be abused sexually.

What about women who walk around with pepper spray? It is not always easy to work around with pepper spray. This is very true. Imagine carrying pepper spray with you anywhere you go. This can be stressful. Pepper spray is even riskier than you can imagine. Come to think of it. I have heard of many who, in the course of using pepper spray to guide them wrongly spray it on their own body which caused a lot of damage to them. Pepper spray is not always safe for you; although I am not saying that you should not use pepper spray, it is still good, but you need extra back up to protect yourself when necessary.

What about women who carry mace around? It is still nice, but I do not like the idea of using an only mace. You need a device that can easily stop attackers before they start attacking you. To be absolutely safe, even if you have your pepper spray and mace with you, you still need Hootie to protect you and call for help when needed. This is because the loud voice produced by this device will put the attacker in a state of panic and confusion since silence is the rule of harassment. If you want yourself as a woman to always be safe from unexpected abuse, going through this Hootie reviews will reveal to you why this gadget is the ultimate solution for women*s security anytime, anywhere. What then is actually Hootie, you may ask?

What is Hootie Alarm?

No matter where you are coming, every woman needs protection against any form of harassment, and that is why Hootie was produced. Hootie is a new innovative technology which helps call for help and stop attackers from attacking women by producing a loud voice that will attract helpers. What does this mean? It means that as a woman, you do not have to be scared of going out alone again when you have your Hootie with you. This is because your safety is guaranteed.

Anytime you sense any danger as a woman, all you have to do is to pull up close and it will produce a loud noise that will immediately attract help from people. The voice itself is even loud enough to stop attackers from attacking. The loud voice will scare them away while you safely go to any place you are going. This is not just a perfect protector that protects women from any kind of violence but a perfect gift that every woman is supposed to have with her no matter where they are going.

Hootie can last up to a year without losing battery power and is made of durable ABS plastic that withstands extreme temperatures and is resistant to impact, rust, and water. You can now see how powerful this gadget is. You should never worry because of battery life when you are with Hootie. A lot of people keep asking what if the battery dies, what can they do? There is no need to worry about anything.

Come to think of it, you have a battery that can last up to one year, and that is you are always protected when you have your Hootie with you. What about those who are afraid of water damage? Your Hootie is completely water-resistant and can even stand any kind of weather. This is simply because the company wants women to be protected no matter where they are. That is why Hootie can withstand any temperature or weather conditions so that women can always be safe without any fear of being attacked.

Features Of Hootie Personal Alarm Device

Hootie being the best way every woman can enjoy their security, comes with many features that make it the best woman protector in the market. See the features below;

Hootie Reviews: Benefits

There are a lot of benefits of Hootie that every woman will enjoy when they get Hootie. See the benefits below;

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Hootie Personal Safety Alarm: A Perfect Gift For Every Woman?

Violence against women is everyone*s concern, and that is why this company came out with this great idea to stop violence against women so that women can move freely anywhere without the fear of being attacked by anyone. On a daily basis, there are cases of women being harassed.

If you begin to think about this, you will see why Hootie is the perfect gift from the company just to make sure that our women are safe and make sure that our women enjoy their freedom. This is very important. I know that those who have not been harassed in one way or the other will not understand the pains that those who have been harassed are going through.

There are many dangers that women who are harassed are exposed to. They are prey to any disease and this can ruin them although their lives. This is why you should never wait to be a victim before you secure yourself against this calamity. Every woman is supposed to have Hootie to make sure that they are safe any place they are. It is very important!

Why Get A Hootie?

When you start calculating the number of women around the world, those who are in great pain simply because they were abused, you will understand why every woman is supposed to take their personal security very seriously without having to think twice about it. Hootie is specially designed to help every woman live a better and safer life. Hootie is just like an accessory that women cannot do without. You can compare Hootie to anything that is most important to women, something like their undies and makeup.

You hardly separate a woman from these two things and that is how Hootie is for every woman who still values her womanhood and does not want to be abused or harassed for any reason. You may not understand why I am comparing Hootie with women makeup and undies simply because you have not fallen a victim to this violence against women. Those who understand what I*m saying will even prefer to have Hootie with them than any other thing you can ever think of going out with as a woman.

Who Needs Hootie Alarm?

Hootie is an innovative new product that provides fearless independence to women when in unaccompanied situations like running, hiking, or walking to a car after work. It*s a modern personal safety device that, when activated, triggers an intense strobe light and piercing 130-decibel alarm to create an immediate diversion and deter an attacker.

With Hootie, you can comfortably work in your car after work without any fear of being attacked. What about when running or hiking? Hootie will provide the necessary security you need so that you do not be afraid while running or hiking. You will never believe that most women are afraid of walking alone or going out for a walk because of the fear of being harassed. This is true. Most ladies prefer to be accompanied by a guy before they can comfortably walkout. This is very bad for women and that*s why they have to do anything possible to get Hootie so they can comfortably walk around on their own without being accompanied by anyone.

Hootie can also be of great help to those who are afraid of being kidnapped. Kidnapping is not only for women. Kidnapping is everyone. Everybody suffers from this bad act and that is why we all should be alert every time of their lives. Do not play with your freedom without getting Hootie along with you any place you are going. There are many reports of kidnapped cases on a daily basis where someone is being kidnapped.

Harassment is not too far from kidnapping, and that is just as women are afraid of being harassed, the same way everyone is supposed to be afraid of being kidnapped, especially if you are coming from a recognized home. You Hootie for your personal to avoid unplanned attacks from nowhere, from places where you never expected. Get Hootie with you so you can comfortably go to any place you like.

With Hootie, when feeling threatened or in a compromising situation, you can easily pull a pin that triggers the device. When you pull this pinout, the noise that will come out is loud enough to temporarily startle an assailant, providing time to escape. It can be heard up to 1,000 feet away – quickly and easily attracting help. Imagine such a loud noise; no attackers will ever have the confidence to come near to you when you have pulled up the pin. You can now pick up yourself confidently and continue going to where you are going. Hootie is a savior that every woman must embrace if they want to enjoy their peace as a woman.

Why Does Every Woman Need A Hootie?

There is no doubt that every woman needs Hootie considering the number of women violence that is being recorded on a daily basis.

About 35 percent of women worldwide have experienced sexual harassment. This number keeps increasing on a daily basis, and that is why every woman is supposed to use a good protective measure to make sure that they do not fall victim to this. I know most women will not understand what this means until they experience this bad act. Hootie is specially designed to help you stay safe as a woman.

What about in a case of trafficking? A lot of women all over the world have fallen victim to this, every woman in the world needs Hootie to protect themselves against any of these bad acts.

Women do go through a lot of sexual harassment which is like a global pandemic. It keeps spreading on a daily basis. What can we do to stop this? Every woman is supposed to equip herself with Hootie just to get the necessary help at any emergency.

What about a situation whereby you are afraid of being kidnapped as a woman, you need to get Hootie with you so that you can comfortably go to any place you like.

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What Is The Idea Behind Hootie Alarm?

Violence against women is becoming the other of the day where you hardly read the news round the globe without seeing sexual harassment which are very bad.

Violence against women is supposed to be everybody*s concerned simply because we are not supposed to take the safety of our women for granted. We are supposed to do anything possible to stop this bad act against our women.

The idea behind Hootie is to help women around the world to enjoy a more secure life without being afraid of being harassed. Hootie will help restore confidence in our women so that they can go to any place they want without any fear of being abused.

With Hootie, every woman is a free woman where they can freely go to any place they like without fear of attackers.

Hootie will help keep attackers away from women and at the same time call for help when the need arises. All these are the ideas behind Hootie.

Is Hootie Really Legit Or Is It Scam?

Oftentimes, it is hard to verify the legitimacy and effectiveness of a product until you have used it yourself. Most often, people tend not to agree with what reviewers post about products because they feel that these reviews are all about hypes and money. This might be true but it is not the case with this Hootie Review article.

Hootie is a relatively reliable, good and powerful personal security device developed for women of all ages. It is among the best security devices for women you can find online. There are no mistakes or shortcomings of any sort when it comes to this device. The manufacturer*s promises a refund in case you are not satisfied with the product*s functionality. Apart from personal preferences, it is hard for someone to find faults with Hootie since the device is tested and trusted by thousands of women all over the world.

How Do I Use Hootie Alarm?

Hootie is very easy to use and can be used by every woman. Just follow the simple steps to use your Hootie.

Hootie is designed to work in a very simple way so that you can act very fast when there is danger in your way.

To activate Hootie*s loud siren and ultra-bright strobe light, pull the removable top pin from the body. The siren will emit an ear-piercing 130db alarm; the nearly-blinding strobe light will begin flashing immediately. Keep the speaker uncovered and face it toward your target.

To stop the siren and strobe light, replace the top pin into the body and they will instantly stop. It is that simple!

Where Do I Buy Hootie Alarm?

Hootie is not available in the market. You can only buy your Hootie on the official website. Simply use the link on this article to make your orders directly from the official website.

Buying Hootie from the official website ensures that you get the original product directly from the horse*s mouth. Scammers are everywhere. So you have to be careful of where you get your personal security device from. No third party has been licensed to be selling Hootie. Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other similar websites are not given the permission to market this product. Buy from the official website through the links provided in this Hootie review article.

What is the price of Hootie?

Hootie is very affordable and does not cost so much. The good news is that the company is running a huge discount where you will enjoy up to 50% discount in prices.

Hootie is priced at $15 to $30 per unit, depending on the number of units you want to buy. See the prices below:

Hootie is available in two colors: black or white. You can mix and match colors or choose a single color for all alarms in your pack.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Hootie Reviews

How can I use my Hootie?

Just follow these steps below

What is included in Hootie?

Every Hootie includes a premium Hootie Safety Alarm, high-quality carabiner, directions, and a 1-Year Warranty. All these are included in Hootie.

How do I make sure I don*t accidentally activate the alarm?

Hootie is specifically designed and engineered with no buttons to ensure no accidental alarms will happen. To pull out the pin requires over two pounds of pulling force, making it easy to pull intentionally but not accidentally. You can keep Hootie in your bag or pocket and not be afraid of accidental alarms.

Do I need Hootie if I already carry mace or pepper spray?

Yes, in fact, Hootie can be more effective than mace or pepper spray by creating a diversion, attracting attention and help, and scaring off a would-be attacker.

What are the Pros and Cons of Hootie?



Final Verdict and Recommendation On Hootie Reviews

A lot of women have tried a lot of things just to keep themselves safe while they are walking alone or driving alone but they could not. I know a lot of women who have victim of harassment sexually even they claim they have something to protect them. When talking about personal protection, some ladies who have not witnessed this before will not understand what it really means. These groups of ladies will never care to take precautions until they themselves or maybe their friends fall victim to this harassment.

I keep asking women or young ladies, are you going to wait to be abused before you act on your safety? I do not think you should wait until you enter into this lifetime pain before you act on your safety. There are a lot of ways people have claimed to make women feel secure while walking alone or even while traveling alone, but according to our findings and even findings from other people, those methods seem not to work.

Violence against women is everybody*s concern, and that is why we have to do anything possible to help fight against it. Hootie has proven to be the best self-defence tool every woman is supposed to have. It is very easy to use and provides help for ladies when they need it. It is very affordable and easy to carry on the go. I highly recommend Hootie for every woman around the world.


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