'I am confident sacche wale 'Achhe Din' will return with AAP,' says Aditi Chakrabarty, AAP candidate

30 November,2021 03:33 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

In the upcoming local elections, she is contesting for AAP in ward 47 in Malad west in Mumbai, Maharashtra

AAP Mumbai candidate Aditi Chakrabarty contesting from Ward 47

Women*s political engagement has been a major topic of discussion in India recently for the upcoming elections in the country. Aditi Chakrabarty has a better chance of assisting people as a Corporator because she has 34 years of experience working for BMC. She*s also worked as the Vice Chairperson of the Bombay Catholic Sabha is all set to get onto the election ground. In the upcoming local elections, she is contesting for AAP in ward 47 in Malad west in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

As a determined and courageous woman, Aditi was inspired to join the Aam Aadmi Party mostly because of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal*s beliefs of having a non-corrupt, non-criminal record-holding individual contest elections. She has always been a non-corrupt individual who fights for justice wherever she goes. The government allots a large sum of money for constituency work however, it is never used for the AAM JANTA. She aspires to use every penny for the welfare of the area, to solve the difficulties of those living in poverty, and to make a difference. Her first aim will be to sanitize, develop, and improve the aesthetics of her ward as quickly as possible.

She was given the opportunity to join mainstream politics by the Bombay Catholic Sabha Socio-political Unit. This political leader received several requests for various services from all around Mumbai, not just her neighborhood, during the pandemic. The reason for this is that prior clients passed her contact information to people they knew. Aditi recognized at that point that if she went into politics, she might be able to do more good for people from all walks of life.

This strong-headed woman understands who she represents, and how to get in touch with them. She embodies the image of a charismatic leader who emerges to work for the people whose problems have been disregarded. She is confident of her mission to work to construct important public places like slum toilets, municipal schools, get potholed roads mended, organize rubbish collection places, and dedicate her energies to whatever projects that have been lingering for a long time; which she assures will be completed. Toilets in slums, for example, will be prioritized because the state has declared itself a defecation-free zone. The Liberty Garden municipal school, which has been demolished for the past four years, will be rebuilt, allowing locals to send their children there for recreational activities.

In a conversation about why she chose to stand in the elections from AAP, Aditi said, "The very first thing which led to my inclination towards Aam Aadmi party was that AAP believes in JUNOON KI LADAI rather than throwing money around and hoping to win. Other parties arrive every five years to bribe voters with cash or in-kind payments and then vanish for the remainder of the period. When elections come around, they*ll dig up good roads and footpaths and do things that aren*t required only to capture people*s attention and votes. With AAP*s clean administration and the Delhi model to be followed in Mumbai, I*m confident sacche wale *Achhe Din* will return."

Talking about her agenda towards joining politics, Aditi said, "Since I can remember, I have selflessly assisted others, and knowing that I am approachable and that people have complete faith in me to finish their tasks gave me a sense of duty towards public service and community building. While serving in the BMC, I began doing social work and decided that now that I*m retired, it would be better to devote all of my time to the needs of the people I have witnessed having difficulty getting any job done and in need of assistance and advice. People*s trust in me is what prompted me to enter politics, solely to serve the ordinary people on a larger scale and to make their tasks easier to complete."

"We welcome Mumbaikars from all walks of life to join the Aam Aadmi Party, be members of our organization and utilize AAP as a vehicle for the social change that Mumbai needs. We know other parties distribute cash during elections but we have found a [different] way to win elections. We will campaign door-to-door and appeal to voters. We will ask them to give AAP a chance," said Preeti Sharma Menon, the National Executive Member & Mumbai in-charge spokesperson of Aam Aadmi Party.

While there is still a long way to go in terms of women*s political representation in India, particularly at higher levels of government, with more female political leaders and more women exercising their democratic rights, we can hope for policy changes that will help India improve on other indicators such as economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, and health and survival. One such example is Aditi Chakrabarty, who is indeed a rising name to be soon reckoned in Indian Politics, from Mumbai city.

You can follow Aditi on Twitter on https://twitter.com/AAPkiADITI_47

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