National Award Winning Astrologer Dr. Sohini Sastri’s Horoscope Predictions for December

30 November,2021 07:50 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

One of the best astrologer in Kolkata Dr. Sohini Sastri is famous for her accurate future prediction capabilities

Dr. Sohini Sastri

Dr. Sohini Sastri is India's finest astrologer and the only astrologer to have been honoured by His Excellency President of India and the Hon'ble Vice President of India for her vast knowledge and contributions in the field of astrology and occult sciences. Her latest book, A Complete Guide to Astrology, is available on Amazon

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Your relationship with your partner will be amicable. Singles will continue to entice love with their appeal till the end of the week. Without any chronic illnesses, your health will be fantastic. Family interactions are warm and kind. Entrepreneurs have the ability to launch new projects. For professionals, a career does not guarantee any benefits.


Going on a leisure trip can help to resolve marital conflict. Singles can instinctively find love partners. The prognosis for health is grim. The family atmosphere will be really gloomy. Professional development will be really beneficial. The going will be rough for business people.


Marital bonds will become stronger. Singles will have short flings. The month is auspicious for activities of children. Excellent health will make disposition optimistic. Children will excel in their academic activities. Career people will have good opportunities for development.


Married life will become harmonious after the second week. Singles can get love partners by curbing aggression. Health does not pose any hazards. The family atmosphere will be congenial. Career advancement will be wonderful. Business people may face hardships in their activities.


Your married life will be joyful. Singles should exercise caution while entering into romantic partnerships. The state of health will be outstanding. Family matters are tumultuous. Educational activities will have positive outcomes. Traveling will bring in a lot of money. Career advancement will be hampered.


Taking your partner into confidence can make your married life more harmonious. Singles have a lot of options when it comes to seeking love. Children's activities benefit from family activities. There will be no risks to your health. Business People will lose money. Professionals are unable to progress.


Married life will be highly sensual. Single persons can get partners for love by being expressive. Problems are expected on the health front. Family affairs may be problematic. Travel activities will rake in good profits. Career growth is not forthcoming for professionals.


Married life will be harmonious with good understanding. Singles will get love partners by being confident. Family atmosphere can be a little disturbing. Chronic ailments will disturb your well-being. Travel engagements will expand business prospects. The career may face a few obstacles.


More companionship can help you achieve marital satisfaction, Capricorn. Singles will form life-changing love relationships. There will be no issues with your health. Family matters will be at a fork in the path. New projects will be financially supported for entrepreneurs. Professionals are unable to advance in their careers.


Diplomacy will help you to be happier in your marriage. After the 15th, singles will form love alliances. The atmosphere in the family will be calm. The state of your health will be excellent. For business people, the financial situation will be unique. Professionals will make significant advancements in their fields. Traveling is not profitable.


Planetary aspects are propitious for marital bliss. Singles will find love at first sight in social functions. Children will fail to make progress in their activities. Career will fail to bring monetary benefits. Health will be fabulous. Business growth will be highly profitable.

Celebrity of the month: Ratan Tata (28 December 1937)

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