About 43 per cent Gen Z daters think gender roles are evolving in online dating: Survey

04 December,2023 05:56 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  mid-day online correspondent

With chivalry being one associated with men, more women showed interest with about 37 per cent of them saying their expression of chivalry might be different at times, ranging from thoughtful messages, checking up on their partner

Chivalry is no longer just synonymous with opening doors and pulling out chairs. Image for representational purpose only. Photo Courtesy: istock

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Much has been said about Gen-Z dating patterns, exploring both the advancements and occasional shortcomings in their pursuit of love and romance.

The Indian dating app QuackQuack has noticed that in the dynamic landscape of modern dating, Generation Z is reshaping traditional gender roles, particularly in the context of online dating. A recent study by the app shows that 43 per cent of Gen-Z, as opposed to 21 per cent of Millennials, think the traditional gender roles in online dating are evolving. The app's online poll analyses the various aspects that encompass this shift. About 15,000 online daters, 18 to 30, spanning metropolitan and small cities and suburbs, participated in the study.

The app's founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, said, "We currently have 28M+ users, and from close observation, we have seen a remarkable and consistent change in the gender dynamics. We've observed a significant shift, with women confidently taking the initiative and men embracing vulnerability, expressing emotions more openly than the preceding generation of daters. Online dating is heading in the right direction when it comes to gender equality."

Chivalry in the digital age
Chivalry, once confined to male-centric traditions, has transcended gender boundaries. In the QuackQuack consumer study, 45 per cent of users between 18 and 25 mentioned that Gen Z daters are reshaping chivalry as acts of respect and consideration. It is no longer just synonymous with opening doors and pulling out chairs. While people still occasionally enjoy the traditional gestures, men are no longer dictated as the exclusive initiators; they can also expect the same from their counterparts. 18 per cent of men said their matches had held a door open, offered to pay the entire bill, and even got them flowers on the first date.

About 37 per cent of women said their expression of chivalry might be different at times, ranging from thoughtful messages, checking up on their partner, and shared responsibilities in a relationship, going the extra mile for their partner, but it is chivalry nevertheless. The evolving definition of the act reflects a desire for mutual respect and a positive shift in gender-specific roles.

The first move to the next move
For a very long time, men were expected to make the first move - from sending the first text and bracing for rejection to asking their matches out on a date - men had to do all the heavy work, said 29 per cent of men above 30. However, the study shows how Gen-Z is challenging this norm and creating a positive shift in this trend. A growing number of individuals, regardless of gender, feel empowered to make the first move. The stigma surrounding women initiating conversations or expressing interest first, being judged as too loose or desperate for attention, is diminishing, fostering a more unbiased approach to dating dynamics. 23 per cent of men under 28 revealed being approached by women. Both men and women in Gen-Z are comfortable taking the lead, enabling a more equal approach to planning and organizing romantic engagements.

In the study, 47 per cent of Gen-Z daters from Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities explained that the stereotype that men don't cry, or "real men" don't express their discomfort or pain, is slowly being banished in today's day and age. Gen Z daters are embracing emotional openness and vulnerability, challenging the notion that expressing feelings is a sign of weakness. This shift allows individuals to be authentic and transparent about their emotions without fear of judgment or societal expectations. On the other hand, women are no longer afraid to speak their hearts

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