Indian influence resonates in Thai clubs as Bollywood beats echo across Thailand

19 March,2024 11:45 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Asif Rizvi

Multiple cities in Thailand have created a distinct Indian link, demonstrating Bollywood`s global influence, as nightclubs around the country embrace the vivid Indian songs

Thailand is considered to be not very expensive

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With warm hospitality, crowded streets and Indian music, many parts of Thailand make Indians not far away from their home. The country is considered to be not very expensive when it comes to vacations. But, not just the music, the Thai greeting known as the 'wai' is a short bow with hands clasped together in a prayer-like posture. It originates from the Indian Anjali Mudra, similar to the Indian greeting 'namaste'. The wai gesture originated in Buddhism and has similar origins as namaste in Hinduism.

Multiple cities in Thailand have created a distinct Indian link, demonstrating Bollywood's global influence, as nightclubs around the country embrace the vivid Indian songs. These clubs, which are attracting an increasing number of Indian visitors and expatriates, have become cultural fusion hotspots, with Bollywood melodies resonating in the heart of Thai nightlife.

A 32-year-old tourist from Mumbai who did not wish to be named said, "This is my fourth time here in Thailand. It has become one of my favourite vacation destinations since the first time I visited here in 2016. I have visited here with my many friends previously. The accommodations, food and parties are somewhat the same as the home country, not too expensive."

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His friend, who also did not wish to be named said, "The nightlife in Thailand is excellent. There are so many options to party here. But, most of them have a similarity which is the taste of Indian music they choose for party-goers."

He added, "The language barrier is not at all an issue when it comes to Thailand, you will find people who speak English, and Hindi and maybe sometimes use gestures to communicate with you."

The incorporation of Bollywood music into Thai nightlife acts as a cultural bridge, establishing a common environment where residents and visitors may enjoy the wonder of Indian cinema. The catchy tunes and familiar beats have proven popular among a wide range of listeners, promoting a sense of community and celebration. Thai locals have also begun to like Indian music and many of them also have collections of Bollywood songs on their cell phones.

Toff, a Pattaya-based woman said, "I like the Indian music, especially Bollywood songs. They play it in many clubs here and just like me other locals too grove on the tunes of Bollywood music. There are times when I listen to Bollywood songs on YouTube and I have a list of certain songs I like on my phone."

Recognising the popularity of Bollywood music among Indian tourists, numerous nightclubs have curated playlists including a mix of classic and contemporary Hindi songs. This program not only improves visitors' entertainment experiences but also contributes to the cultural diversity that characterises Thailand's dynamic nightlife.

The Indian connection has increased Thailand's appeal to Indian tourists and ever since there has been the introduction of Indian cuisine for both locals and tourists from across the World.

In Pattaya's many streets, one can easily find south Indian snacks including Idli and Dosa, north Indian dishes and of course Biryani. Several foreign tourists including Europeans like the Indian chai and one can get Indian tea at multiple places in Thailand.

A Surat-based snacks joint owner in Pattaya said, "I have been running the place here for the past seven years. Many Indians visit my outlet to have the Indian chai. There are multiple Europeans who also visit here for chai."

Besides the magnificent scenery, beaches and cultural attractions, the inclusion of Bollywood music and Indian flavours creates a reassuring sense of home for many Indian visitors. The cultural resonance enhances travellers' favourable experiences and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

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