This new podcast decodes how AI and human intelligence can co-exist in careers

21 June,2024 09:15 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Priyanka Gohil

A new podcast decodes how to build an AI-proof career while advocating for a symbiotic relationship between AI and human intelligence

The podcast makes a reference to 3 Idiots character’s (second from left) Rancho and (right) Chatur, suggesting that we need more people like Rancho to help human intelligence survive in the high-tech world

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Have you ever wondered whether what you are currently reading may be automated? You won't gauge the difference until you delve into the complexities between human intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our pick for this week's podcast, How to Build an AI-Proof Career, dissects the difference between AI and human intelligence. It suggests how one can upgrade human intelligence in the word, so it remains relevant and in control in times when AI is invading almost every sector.

In a recent episode of the Caravaka Podcast, Kushal Mehra delves into the intricacies of building careers resilient to the encroaching influence of AI with Samyak Chakrabarty, an entrepreneur recognised by Forbes Asia for his impactful ventures like Workverse and Nimaya. The duo elaborates on the nuances of using AI in a simple yet engaging conversation.

(From left) Hosts Kushal Mehra and Samyak Chakrabarty. Pic Courtesy/Youtube

The podcast underscores that while AI excels in computational tasks and data analysis, human strengths lie in creativity, intuition, emotional intelligence, and complex decision-making. A central theme of the discussion was adaptability.

Chakrabarty stresses that unlike in the past, where a static set of skills and qualifications sufficed, today's professionals must embrace continuous learning and re-skilling. This adaptability ensures they remain agile in the face of technological advancements that redefine job requirements and market demands. For reference Chakrabarty explains, "Looking back on our Indian education system, it is trying to create a Chatur Ramalingam, from the movie, 3 Idiots. Whatever Chatur knows ChatGPT knows. These days, it has become imperative to become a Rancho, a free-flowing intuitive human. What Rancho can do, cannot be automated; we will need more Ranchos than Chaturs."

The conversation revolves around the evolving relationship between AI and human intelligence. It urges individuals to cultivate skills that can withstand automation. Chakrabarty, drawing from his extensive experience, highlights four essential skills crucial for maintaining a competitive edge across diverse sectors in the age of AI.

The podcast focuses on empowering human intelligence by replacing labour with AI, and in turn, enabling them to use the same more efficiently. It argued that rather than viewing AI as a threat, individuals and organisations should harness its capabilities to enhance productivity and efficiency. This approach will not only optimise but also liberate humans from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-level strategic initiatives where human judgment and creativity are paramount.

The duo emphasises on the importance of responsible AI governance and regulation to mitigate potential risks. This episode calls for proactive measures to maintain human oversight and control over AI developments, preventing scenarios where AI supersedes human decision-making capacities. We seem to have forgotten that AI is in our control, and not the other way around. The podcast reminds us to learn how to leverage it while keeping human intelligence above all else.

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