Walk with Mid-day: The Ballad of Ballard Estate

2021-08-18 12:00 AM IST | Mumbai

Did you know that there is a club in the city where women sailors can find accommodation? Or that the architect of the Gateway of India designed Ballard Estate? From a marshy space of excavated sand and stone to the city’s most well-planned business district, and the heartbeat of its glorious maritime past, Ballard Estate is a charming, tree-lined treasure trove of stories about early Bombay’s mercurial rise as a shipping and naval hub. Walk With Midday is back and in our newest trail, #FionaFernandez unearths fascinating anecdotes, highlights key milestones in its rise as a port city and celebrates its master visionaries who transformed this wasteland into the city’s best-planned business district. Come, soak in this chapter of Bombay’s endless love affair with the sea.

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