As cops register FIR against Ranveer Singh for ‘outraging modesty of women’, many women call out the kill-joys

27 July,2022 07:34 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Nidhi Lodaya

The Mumbai police booked Ranveer Singh for ‘hurting the sentiments of women and insulted their modesty through his photographs’, based on a complaint from an NGO

One of the photos Ranveer Singh posted on his Instagram profile. Pic/Instagram@ranveersingh

Last Thursday, an interview in Paper magazine along with a photo shoot of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh went viral on social media, with memes and women in awe of his nude pictures. Then came an FIR against Singh for insulting the modesty of women. mid-day talks to seven women across age groups to know whether his pictures insulted their modesty.

Mumbai police on Tuesday booked Singh for ‘hurting the sentiments of women and insulted their modesty through his photographs*, based on a complaint from an NGO. The complaint said that India is a land of culture, and such photos could have a negative impact on children, as the actor has "craze among" his audience. The pictures were published in Paper Magazine with an article titled, ‘Ranveer Singh: The Last Bollywood Superstar*.

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Vijayalakshmi Narayanan, 32
Content creator, Mumbai

When I saw the pictures, I was awestruck. There is nothing that I thought was objectionable, and I did not get even a slightest hint of obscenity or debauchery. As a woman, I felt it was sexy, not offending. Here is a man who is confident about himself, is embracing his identity and unafraid of the consequences, unafraid of what the society has to say, and is defiant of the norms. There are plenty of issues to be concerned about, and the photo shoot is the least of anybody*s concerns. Millions of women are objectified, but nobody raises a word or files an FIR. There is one photo shoot, and you feel the need to go up in arms about it. They should ask the women how they feel, instead of talking on our behalf.

Nisa Shetty, 29
Musician and actor, Mumbai/Delhi

I didn*t think of it as insulting to my modesty. I appreciate Ranveer Singh, as he is not trying to hold onto the idea of macho. The shoot has soft poses. He brought out a sense of a person who is comfortable, and it was non-threatening to see such a man. He is a star, but also an artiste and he is not afraid. The title of the interview was important, as he is one of the last remaining big stars with everyone embracing OTT. He is in touch with his feminine side. The message should be that it is okay to be naked.

Atlanta Baruah, 20
Account strategist and YouTuber, Delhi

I feel it was a marketing stunt. But, it is a need in our country for the male nudes to be normalised. Since it has come from a Bollywood outlier, it might taint the perspective. He has a public image. Even if he was trying to come up with the bigger idea, the crowd doesn*t take you seriously. But it was not insulting at all. The photos were aesthetic from a photography point of view. It felt like an attempt to desexualise the male form, but it went viral only because it was Ranveer Singh.

Viji Venkatesh, 70
Region head, The Max Foundation [works in cancer care]

It is not an insult. Men should be more upfront. Anybody can do anything. I didn*t find it offensive. Don*t look at it if you don*t want to. He is an amazing actor and doesn*t need to resort to these gimmicks. However, aesthetically, I believe it wasn*t well done. He was awkward on the carpet and looked uncomfortable but there was nothing obscene. It was not a match to the photo shoot of Milind Soman, as his was much more elegant. If something is aesthetic and presented beautifully, then it*s good; there*s no harm in celebrating the body.

Vrushali Telang, 45
Novelist and short film maker, Mumbai

I saw the memes before I saw the photos. Ranveer Singh is netra sukh, a pleasure to the eyes with or without clothes. I am not offended. We live in a time where anything is sensationalised. We have a history of such shoots. I don*t understand why people are offended. His acting, his sense of dressing, and his chiselled body…what is there to not like? The pictures had nothing cheap and vulgar

Paridhi Negi, 30
Corporate communications professional, Gurugram

I liked the pictures. I think men and women both have a right on their bodies and sensuality and its portrayal. His body is forming a perfect "V" and those butt cheeks are quite a tease. Shouldn*t we appreciate what must have gone behind gaining that kind of body? Instead, people sitting on their couch, enjoying carbs are filing complaints. He is pleasing to the ladies* eyes. And as they say, "Why should boys have all the fun!"

Vidhi Bubna, 23
Social media management professional, Mumbai

The pictures are bold. Also, I had never heard of Paper Magazine before seeing his photos; they do cool stuff. Milind Soman has done it in the past. Even if a woman was doing it, it was fine. It was a very aesthetic shoot. The FIR is unfair. If something like this is okay in movies, why not for a magazine?

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