Horoscope today, April 24: Check astrological predictions for all zodiac signs

23 April,2024 02:03 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Shirley Bose

Wondering what`s in store for you today? Well, we`ve got you covered. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Shirley Bose

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Key Highlights

Do you know what the stars hold for you in terms of love life, career, business and personal wellness today? Well, read on to know your astrological predictions as per your zodiac sign for April 24.

March 21 - April 20
Preparation is half the success for a business meeting, especially one which promises enormous returns/ profits. Travel for business, part leisure is revealed.
Cosmic tip: Consider transforming a hobby into a grassroots level business.

April 21 - May 20
Extra work keeps you extra busy. A relationship strengthens through fluidity, bringing the much needed transformation. What's hidden remains secure till it's time for disclosure.
Cosmic tip: Make time to meet friends who matter.

May 21 - June 21
Side-stepping important matters, highlighting small issues amounts to playing mind games with someone important to you (or are you sending non-verbal signals for closure?).
Cosmic tip: Maintain clarity when speaking- be it with anybody.

June 22 - July 23
Having severed all connection with someone you thought was beloved, and receiving a call from them is actually annoying.
Cosmic tip: Find a solution for an issue which, like an itch, refuses to go away.

July 24 - Aug 23
Taking a decision about property matters is distressingly difficult. Take extra care about your diet.
Cosmic tip: Make the most of this turning karmic cycle path which makes it easier to calm tumultuous feelings.

Aug 24 - Sept 23
Pursuing further self-studies has been a life-long hobby which continues. An explanation answers a question. Get immediate medical attention if a parent feels unwell.
Cosmic tip: Enjoy reliving a recent holiday spent with family.

Sept 24 - Oct 22
A new relationship for singles begins quietly and lovingly. Being ethical helps maintain mental equanimity and peace of mind.
Cosmic tip: Transparently hold onto promises, not breaking them on the quiet just because you can.

Oct 23 - Nov 22
Admitting you made a mistake is both brave and the right karmic decision which halts further discussions which meander onto different paths. Do get enough sleep.
Cosmic tip: Have the courage to admit a mistake.

Nov 23 - Dec 22
A change of residence is likely soon. Deal promptly with a legal case. Health is good.
Cosmic tip: Stop yourself from having expectations as that puts too much unnecessary pressure on the other person.

Dec 23 - Jan 20
Receiving too many phone calls is a part of this morning and not surprising. A working trip doubles up as a mini getaway.
Cosmic tip: Nurture this level of understanding with a loved one.

Jan 21 - Feb 19
A key person is supportive, not that you need someone else to back you; being quite capable of fighting your own battles.
Cosmic tip: Extend the same support to family as you've been receiving.

Feb 20 - March 20
Time spent with family has been a rejuvenating experience, like a vitamin shot. Now you can get back to work and all the unavoidable stress.
Cosmic tip: Learn to just let be and enjoy yourself.

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