Mumbai: 200 CCTV cameras and QR codes for goats this Bakr-Eid

14 June,2024 07:18 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Faisal Tandel

BMC has collaborated with traders to ensure the safety of the goats at Deonar Abattoir

Officials monitor the area 24/7 from the surveillance room

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High-end security with more than 200 CCTV cameras and QR codes for the goats at Deonar Abattoir this Bakr-Eid. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), in coordination with the traders who come to Mumbai from across the country, has ensured tight security for the goats due to their increasing thefts,
every year.

According to the traders, the QR code scanning system has significantly improved the security and management of goats. In the past week, around 342 goats were identified with QR codes that either did not match or were not accepted, leading to these goats being seized and returned to their rightful owners.

Around 1,000 BMC employees, along with NGO members, are working diligently to maintain a clean and neat environment, aiding goat owners and facilitating a smooth market experience for the numerous purchasers.

Goats at the Deonar abattoir

Dr Kalim Pasha Pathan, general manager, Deonar Abbattior, said, "Till Friday afternoon we had an entry of 1,51,830 goats among which around 68,238 goats are already sold. The goats were brought by owners who came from remote areas of the country including Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Kashmir. Around 1,879 vypari's or goat owners have registered themselves this year," said Pathan.

"We record details of the goat sellers, including their identity, origin, and number of goats. Each goat receives a bar code, and the seller gets a receipt with a QR code. When a goat is sold, the receipt with the QR code is given to the buyer. This code is scanned at the exit gate, updating the system with the sale," added Pathan. Pathan claimed the QR code system which was implemented a few years ago has received a tremendous response as zero goats have been robbed.

"A few years ago, goat thefts numbered between 50 to 100 annually. However, the QR code system has significantly reduced this. This year, by Friday afternoon, around 342 goats were flagged as not matching the system after scanning. These issues were due to mismatched scanners, scanner malfunctions, or theft. When our staff detects a scanner rejection, we seize the goats and return them to the registered owner. In suspicious cases, we refer the matter to the police for further investigation," said pathan.

Bank facilities

"A goat seller bringing 100 to 200 goats can earn a substantial amount, sometimes up to R10 lakh. Due to the crowded abattoir and the risk of theft, we established a bank to facilitate secure money transfers. Sellers can transfer to their accounts, allowing them to return home without worrying about carrying cash. Additionally, we provide temporary bed arrangements for goat owners, offering a secure place to sleep and keep their belongings within sight,"
said Pathan.

WhatsApp group

"We have installed around 210 high-definition cameras and 6 PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras. The control room operates 24/7, monitoring the market This year, we also created a WhatsApp group for various departments to coordinate and confirm tasks. We also have a team to remove dead animals, maintaining a clean environment. Additionally, six dewatering pumps, the fire brigade, and a health team are on standby" Pathan said.

Permission for slaughtering
BMC authorities through the "MY BMC APP" have started the registration of applications for permission to slaughter the goats at societies and market areas.

"Permission can be secured through an app by filling out the required details. The app includes GPS to locate the user's area. There are three types of applications: one for society, where you first get permission from the society and local ward; one for the local market area, where slaughtering arrangements are made; and one for an open place. This process began this year in response to numerous writ petitions filed in recent years, as open and society-based slaughtering offended others' sentiments. The new system aims to prevent controversies," said an official.

No. of goats that have arrived in the city

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