IN PHOTOS: Lifeguards, cops increase vigil as hundreds visit Juhu beach in Mumbai

The lifeguards and the officials of the Mumbai Police on Sunday increased vigilance and patrollig as hundreds of visitors reached Juhu beach in Mumbai. Pics/Satej Shinde

Updated On: 2024-05-26 11:44 PM IST

Compiled by : Asif Ali Sayed

The lifeguards and Mumbai Police officials were on Sunday seen patrolling the Juhu beach and controlling huge crowds. Pics/Satej Shinde

Mumbai has been reeling in hot weather conditions since April

Meanwhile, as the city awaits for rains in the city, the authorities have predicted that Mumbai may witness 22 days of high tide in the Arabian Sea during the four months of monsoon this year

Data from the Disaster Management Department of the BMC shows that seven days in June and four days in July

The city is likely to witness high-tides, five days in August and six days in September

The highest tide of 4.84 metres will occur on September 20 at 1pm

If the heavy rain occurs during the high tides, there are chances of flooding in lower parts of the city despite cleaning of drains

In 2021, Mumbai witnessed 18 days of high tides and in 2022 there were 22 days of high tide during monsoon

Last year, there were 25 days of high tide and the highest tide of 4.87 metres occurred on August 3 and 4, at about 1.14 pm and 1.56 pm

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