IN PHOTOS: Mumbai Police dogs Bruno and Tyson retire after 10 years of service

Two of the Mumbai Police's most reliable dogs from the dog squad on Sunday officially retired from the services. The dogs- Tyson and Bruno were among the most active during duty calls. Pics/official sources

Updated On: 2023-11-27 04:07 PM IST

Compiled by : Asif Ali Sayed

Mumbai Police officials on Sunday arranged a farewell for the dogs. Pics/official sources

Tyson and Bruno most actively participating canines during security checks and police arrangements, an official said

Both were brought by the police force when they were two months old, the official added

Tyson and Bruno were trained for detecting crimes, attend bomb scare calls, VIP security arrangements, etc

The dogs were most active in attending different calls including bomb scares and VVIP security checks, an official said 

They also participated in security patrolling at beaches and sensitive areas during festivals in Mumbai, sources said

The response after their training was incredible and their activeness in tasks given to them during their duty hours was outstanding, sources added 

Tyson and Bruno retired from the Mumbai Police's dog squad department after 10 long years of service, an official said 

Immediately after their retirement from the services, both the dogs have been adopted by an NGO, the official said

The Mumbai police dog squad department arranged for their farewell in the city on Sunday. The officials from the department said that both held a special place in the Maharashtra police department

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