IN PHOTOS: People use part of the demolished skywalk kept on footpath outside Bandra station

The dismantlement of the skywalk from the Bandra railway station to the Lucky Junction on SV Road in Mumbai had once again began on May 26. (Pic/ Ashish Raje)

Updated On: 2024-06-25 10:22 PM IST

Compiled by : Jasmeen Shaikh

Over six months ago, a sizable section of the skywalk was demolished to make room for Metro line 2B (DN Nagar to Mandale)

While the safety cover at the sides of the skywalk was removed, the pillars, the walkway and the metal bars around it remained

The Bandra Skywalk's removal had marked the new developments aimed at enhancing the urban landscape

With the Bandra skywalk gone, residents had hoped that views of the iconic Bandra station will be unblocked

However, the dismantled part of the skywalk remains on the footpath outside Bandra Station (West) blocking the area and creating hinderance

Earlier it was said that sections of the skywalk will be carefully removed, and the debris will be transported away from the site promptly

The skywalk had been reportedly transferred from the MMRDA to the BMC, which is demolishing the skywalk

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