In Photos: Two peacocks spotted at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai

Two peacocks were spotted near a signboard 'Peacock Walking Area' at Raj Bhavan at Malabar Hill in south Mumbai on Monday morning. (Photos/Umesh Kashikar)

Updated On: 2024-02-26 12:34 PM IST

Compiled by : ronak mastakar

Pic/Umesh Kashikar

Raj Bhavan, the Maharashtra Governor's official residence, is known for the presence of several peacocks and peahens on its sprawling campus

The Raj Bhavan at Malabar Hill has always been an attractive tourist hub for Mumbaikars

An additional attraction for people hereis the peacock restoration zone, where different types of peacocks roam around freely

The over 200-year-old Raj Bhavan property, surrounded on three sides by the sea, is one of the major green spots in the city, with 6,000 trees

The Grade-I heritage precinct has several neo-colonial buildings constructed in the 19th century, a milelong stretch of thick forest, a private beach and lush lawns

There are around 36 species and subspecies of birds at Raj Bhavan

The Raj Bhavan Complex in Mumbai is surrounded by the sea on three sides. The coasts on western and southern sides comprises of rocky shores, whereas the eastern coast represents a narrow belt of sandy shore, frequently interrupted by patches Rocks

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