CM Yogi Adityanath Birthday: The BJP leader's speeches that created controversy

04 June,2023 03:17 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  mid-day online correspondent

From his views on the `inter-religious marriages`, and `religious conversions` to his comments on Hindu deities and alleged `divisive` language, Adityanath`s statements have sparked debates

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

Over the years, Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has made scores of statements that became controversial, eventually inviting criticism and reactions from political leaders, activists, and even common masses. From his views on the 'inter-religious marriages', and 'religious conversions' to his comments on related to Hindu deities, Adityanath's statements have sparked debates.

Here are five such statements by the Uttar Pradesh chief minister over the years that invited widespread controversy and criticism.

- "If they take one Hindu girl, we will take 100 Muslim girls." - Adityanath, in an undated video during a public speech at Azamgarh, discussing religious conversions caused by inter-religious marriages. "If they kill one Hindu, there will be 100 that we..." - Adityanath, in the same video mentioned above, as the crowd responds with the word "kill."

- "If given a chance, we will install statues of Goddess Gauri, Ganesh, and Nandi in every mosque." - Adityanath, speaking at the Vishva Hindu Parishad's 'Virat Hindu Sammelan' in February 2015, expressing his intention to place Hindu deities' statues in mosques.

- "Those who want to avoid Yoga can leave Hindustan. I request those who see communalism in the Sun God to drown themselves in the sea or live in a dark room for the rest of their lives." - Adityanath, referring to Surya Namaskara and Yoga in June 2015, suggesting drastic measures for those who oppose Yoga and perceive communalism in the worship of the Sun God.

- "Muslims who chose to stay in India when it was partitioned following independence from Britain did the country 'no favours'." - Adityanath, publicly stating in February 2020 his opinion on the contributions of Muslims who remained in India after the partition.

- "If they won't understand words, they'll understand bullets." - Adityanath, during the Shaheen Bagh protests in 2020, expressing a confrontational approach towards those who were not receptive to verbal communication.

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