Angry wife beats up cheating producer

07 August,2010 06:50 AM IST |   |  Tushar Joshi

Nitin Manhoman's wife beats him up in public, smashes his car after she learns about his alleged affair

Nitin Manhoman*s wife beats him up in public, smashes his car after she learns about his alleged affair

Here*s a script for a new-age Bollywood potboiler starring a B-town producer and his wife. However, this is not a reel-life story but a real-life one.

Bollywood producer Nitin Manmohan, who has to his credit films like Dus, Army, Bol Radha Bol, to mention a few, was assaulted by his wife after she learnt of his alleged affair.

All was well between the couple, who are married for over 20 years, till rumours started flying around that Nitin was cheating on his wife Dolly Panchamia.

After rumour mills were abuzz of Nitin*s affair, Dolly hired a private detective to keep an eye on him

After the detective confirmed the rumours, Dolly dragged Nitin down 11 floors of their building after assaulting him

She then threw a stone at his Merc and damaged it. Illustration/Jishu Dev Malakar

Private detective

After Dolly sensed something fishy, in true filmy style she hired a private detective to keep an eye on her

When the detective confirmed that the rumours were true, Dolly was heartbroken, but decided not to take it lying down and confronted her hubby. But when Nitin denied having an affair, Dolly lost her temper.

She beat him up and dragged him down 11 floors from their apartment in Saibaba Towers on Juhu Versova Link

And it did not end there. An enraged Dolly picked up a brick and hurled it at Nitin*s Mercedes.

The incident was all hushed up till a source close to the couple spilled the beans. "Dolly suspected that Nitin was having an affair for a long time. When matters went out of hand she decided to hire a private detective.
Nitin flatly denied having an affair, when Dolly lost her temper and beat him. All the neighbours are aware of the incident and since he was thrashed in public there are many witnesses," said the insider.

Following the fight, Nitin has moved out of the apartment and is staying in a rented apartment at Versova. Confirming this watchman ofu00a0 Saibaba Towers said, "Yeh sab toh filmy logon ke saath hota rehta hai.
Sahab abhi yahan nahi rehte." (These are people from the film industry and such incidents are not uncommon among them. Saab (Nitin) does not stay here any more.) However, he refused to divulge in details.

Family Tree
Nitin and Dolly have two kids a son Soham, who studied in Switzerland and daughter Prachi, after whom fashion store Prachins is named.
Nitin Manhoman wife beats affair Bollywood Dolly
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