Another baby stolen by burqa-clad thief

16 November,2010 06:31 AM IST |   |  Priyanka Vora and Shiva Devnath

Woman abducts infant after tricking his eight-year-old brother in Govandi healthcare centre

Woman abducts infant after tricking his eight-year-old brother in Govandi healthcare centre

In a second incident of baby theft in a hospital in a month, a burqa-clad woman stole an infant boy from the Shivaji Nagar healthcare centre in Govandi yesterday.

About a month ago, a 62-year-old lady was conned into giving her two-month-old grandson to a burqa-clad woman in a similar incident at V N Desai Hospital in Santacruz.

Munni with her eldest son Tahir who was conned into giving his two-month-old brother

Two-month-old Shahid Ansari was stolen at 12.30 pm from the health centre, which is affiliated to Nair Hospital. His mother Munni Khatoon Ansari (27), had brought him in, to get his cold and fever treated.

According to Munni*s police statement, after Shahid*s treatment, she stood in line to get medicines and left Shahid with her eldest son, eight-year-old Mohammed Tahir.

Masked thief

In the mother*s absence, a lady clad in a burqa befriended Tahir. "I was waiting for my mother when an aunty in a burqa asked me to get paan. I refused but she persisted," said Tahir in his statement.

When Tahir returned with the paan, he could not find his brother or the lady. "Tahir was carrying Shahid and I was standing in the line to get the medicine. We searched the entire hospital but in vain," Munni Khatoon said.

"We have sent our teams to search Govandi and also alerted highways and railway stations.

The picture of the baby has also been circulated," said Shivaji Awate of the Govandi police station.

"The woman handed over her baby to an eight-year-old child. Now what can the hospital authorities do," said Dean of Nair Hospital, Dr Ravi Rannavre.
"We have been announcing and even put up posters asking people to take care of their children," he added.

Past Incidents

Chembur couple Mohini and Mohan Nerurkar, lost their three-day-old baby boy from Sion hospital in January 2009 when an unidentified woman stole their baby.

A four-day-old infant born to Vidya Chavan was stolen from J J Hospital in January 2003 after a couple dressed in lab coats came in and took the baby away. Two doctors from Breach Candy were later arrested for the crime

Govandi healthcare centre baby stolen burqa thief
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