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07 January,2010 07:43 AM IST |   |  Alisha Coelho

Launched in the US, but waiting period for India ensures disinterest

Launched in the US, but waiting period for India ensures disinterest

Nexus One, Google*s first smart phone, was launched with much fanfare on Tuesday at the company headquarters in California, but in India, nobody so much as raised an eyebrow.

Much like the iPhone launch, Nexus One too will not be available immediately in India.

Said Yatish Suvarna, tech editor at Stuff magazine, "I feel shortchanged that it*s not being launched here, just like what happened with Apple*s phone.

I will have to wait for a few months and I don*t know if I*m willing to wait that long."

Suvarna added that the iPhoneu00a0still rules the minds of the masses in the smart phone category. "However, the Nexus One does have some features that will leave the iPhone far behind.

Hello, Beautiful: Nexus One, Google*s smart phone, contains features that are expected to leave the iPhone far behind

It brings everything related to Google to the phone and so from the contact list, I can use Google maps to tell you where I am, or send you an e-mail, whereas with the iPhone I could only call or message you.
It*s a good-looking phone and you can buy an unlocked piece from the manufacturer," said Suvarna, adding that pricing may be an issue though.

The unlocked phone retails at $529 (Rs 24,300) and with shipping and taxes, will cost the Indian consumer close to Rs 27,500.

The iPhone was launched at Rs 31,000 for an 8GB phone and at Rs 36,100 for a 16GB handset.

Market Reach

Others wonder whether Google will be able to tap into the market at all. "In the Indian market, online transactions don*t work.

When the customer is spending as much as that, he wants to see and feel the product before paying.

Also, the smart phone segment in India forms less than 10 per cent of the total handset market.

One can already buy good handsets in India with the android operating system so the phone isn*t really offering anything new."

Google says

Meanwhile, in a statement from Google India, the company justified its stance in not introducing the phone in more than three countries apart from the United States.

"We want to gradually roll out the Nexus One to different countries in order to gain user feedbacku00a0ternationally and ensure the ordering process works smoothly.

The Nexus One also had to undergo certification in all countries we sell the phone within, and we wanted to ensure that the import regulations didn*t make the phone prohibitively expensive.

We hope to allow people in other countries to purchase the Nexus One and other phones from Google soon."

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Number of cellphone users till October 2009
Phone Features

5 megapixel camera
Access to over 18,000 applications
Use a voice-enabled keyboard for all text fields: speak a text message, instant message, Tweet, Facebook update, or complete an e-mail.

What is a u00a0smartphone?
A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality.

One can send e-mails, connect to keyboards, take pictures, make calls, browse the Internet and so on.

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