Tailor shop gets Rs 9 lakh power bill

20 December,2010 03:08 PM IST |   |  Vedika Chaubey

One month's electricity bill for 400-square-foot shop stuns Masjid Bunder resident

One month*s electricity bill for 400-square-foot shop stuns Masjid Bunder resident

Imtiaz Alam, a resident of Masjid Bunder, got the shock of his life when he received an electricity bill of Rs 9,14,228 for one month for his 400-sq-ft shop.

Alam said that since the last three months, he has been making the rounds of the BEST office to complain about the gargantuan bill he received for his small shop.

Alam was flummoxed when he saw the bill and claims that the
BEST officials have victimised him

He added that the officials instead of rectifying the issue, had sent him a notice to pay the outstanding bill.

Alam had given his shop to a tailor on rent and said that the bill for one month did not exceed Rs 4,000. "I was shell shocked when I saw the bill amounting to lakhs.
My father got depressed after seeing the bill and is wondering how to pay the bill as none of us earn so much," said Alam. "I am sure that this is a big mistake on the part of the BEST officials."

Alam had rented out the tiny shop to a tailor and claimed that the shop had only one sewing machine, two exhaust fans, two ceiling fans, one table fan, one TV and five tube lights.
"During the day, the TV is switched off and works only for two to three hours at night," said Alam.

He explained that he had changed his meter after the bill was sent for the month of August. After receiving the bill Alam made several trips to the BEST office to rectify the wrong amount but without any change.

In fact, the bill for the next month was Rs 9,40,133 and the bill for the month of November was Rs 9,12,360.

"I have a small shop and this is a serious case of victimization of a bonafide consumer," added Alam saying that strict action should be taken against all those who are involved in this ruckus.

Alam has also written a letter to the general manager of BEST.

The Other Side
Om Prakash Gupta, general manager, BEST, said he had no idea about the bill or the situation. "I have to check from my office and will see what can be done," he said.

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