Upset over India visit, NRI woman jumps to death

05 November,2010 06:53 AM IST |   |  Shiva Devnath

Victim was visiting husband's native village with him; police confirm suicide

Victim was visiting husband*s native village with him; police confirm suicide

A 37-year-old British national apparently upset with her stay in India, allegedly committed suicide yesterday by jumping off the terrace of a Juhu hotel.

Sunanda Valand allegedly jumped to her death at Hotel Ramee Guestline yesterday around 8.30 am, just a few hours after she had checked into the hotel with her husband Ajay.

Police said that the couple had arrived in India on October 29 for a visit but Sunanda was unhappy about her stay here. The couple, who were both British nationals of Indian-origin, were set to leave today.

Sunanda was employed as a receptionist in a London hospital while Ajay is a security officer at the London airport. The two had gone to visit Ajay*s native village Anand in Gujarat on October 29 and returned to Mumbai yesterday.

"After checking in at 6 am, the couple went for a walk at Juhu Chowpatty. They returned at around 8 am and had breakfast. Soon after that, Sunanda went up to the terrace and jumped from there," said Inspector Ashok Pimple of Juhu police station.

Suicide confirmed

"It is a clear case of suicide and there is no suspicion, as she fell straight on her feet and had internal injuries. If she was pushed, she would have fallen on her head. We are investigating the reason for her suicide.
From what we know now, she was not happy to be in India," Pimple said. No suicide note was recovered from the hotel room. The police will also check the CCTV footage of the hotel.

A shocked Ajay told police that they had come to India for a vacation but Sunanda wanted to leave early, as she did not like being here.
Police officials added that Ajay was clearly traumatised and could not fathom the reason for his wife*s suicide. The couple were married in 2002 and have no child.

The police have called the victim*s parents to India. Senior Police Inspector D Katkade said, "The parents would be able to throw some light on the case as the husband is too shocked to say anything."

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