Skin colour can never come out of a bottle or tube!

26 February,2024 06:51 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  The Editorial

Are these products tested, and how are they green flagged for sale, even if to a select, small clientele?

Rajesh started having problems after using ‘herbal’ fairness cream purchased from a local barbershop

Two different fairness creams, one procured from a local barbershop, and the other purchased from the market with a, ‘made in Malaysia' label caused kidney disease in two individuals, both from Raigad. A similar case was diagnosed early last year at Parel's KEM Hospital. While there have been no known new cases in the city, a Salon & Beauty Parlour Welfare Association recently raised similar concerns with the local police and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA and if there are allied regulatory authorities need to check as a number of establishments are creating dubious creams etc and selling them to their clientele. Are these products tested, and how are they green flagged for sale, even if to a select, small clientele?

It is time to conduct checks at salons and investigate if complaints are brought to light. Medical establishments and doctors need to highlight if they think there is a direct co-relation between a disease and some cream that is being used. Overall, too, there must be more awareness about certain creams or lotions. Users, which means consumers, have to be more circumspect in usage, only going for products sold by chemists of reputable companies, which have all ingredients clearly marked and are cleared for sale.

These cases also show just how much importance is given to fairness and how fair skin is still coveted. Discrimination and social pressure is rife, despite a real effort to raise awareness. The constant harping on lighter skin, creates a negative mental effect on people, some of who may be so affected that they go to any lengths to get this fairer skin. This shows both, the dangers of unverified products which may have high lead content, and endemic racism that makes some go to any lengths for a different skin colour.

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